Nicole has her baby

On Wednesday, August 6, 2014 6:50 AM, Debbie Martin wrote:

Nicole sat in the hospital beside the tiny cot with her arm stretched over to touch her tiny baby.He had been an early birthday present for her,arriving a week before her birthday,and he was such a cute little guy.However he had to stay in hospital while she went home as he needed an operation to fix a small problem before he could join her at home.Nicole had been a really wonderful mother to him arriving at hospital at 7 each morning and not going home until 9 at night,and she loved her son so much that even 14 hour days being with his to hold him and feed him were what she looked forward to when she was at home.It was very stressful seeing him with tubes and wires attached to him,but soon they would be gone and he would be coming home with her.It seemed that the only contact she had with the outside world was the laptop she brought with her each day to talk with her friends when she was not busy.
She looked at the clock and saw it would soon be time to go home,just a few more hours.Baby was sleeping and would soon wake up for a feed,so she was talking online to her friend Debbie who was trying to be a good support to her each day.As she chatted she was eating a tasty hot chilli from the cafeteria as she had not time to cook at home,only sleep and get back to hospital.In fact she had not time to do anything but sleep at home.As she enjoyed the chilli she realized that it had been three days since she had pooped and now she was feeling a familiar stirring within her as the spices began to have an effect on her digestion.The feeling brought back happy memories of naughty times in the past when she had just managed to get to her car as her bowels had pushed out a mass of soft hot poop to fill her panties.She told Debbie that she felt she needed to go to the bathroom before she went home but she still had to feed her son before she left.Debbie reminded her that her daughter was not at home so her house would be empty when she got there,so there was no reason why she could not be a little naughty and take her mind off her worries for a while.
The thought of these happy times seemed to cheer her and she thought it might be nice some time but not now.She did have to see to her son first though so a bathroom visit would need to wait until after that had been done.Nicole put down the empty chilli bowl and attended to her little son for a while,clenching her but cheeks a little against the gentle pressure of her bowels,no problem,and soon she could go to the bathroom before she left for home.Soon her baby was fed and she held him gently for a time before returning him to his cot,giving him a little kiss as she left him.She gathered up her things and put them into her bag and made her way to the bathroom before going to her car to go home.As Nicole walked to the bathroom door she was having to hold her cheeks tighter as she could feel her bowels were starting to move as she moved.A few steps more and she was there and pushed the bathroom door.Only then did she notice the sign telling her that it was closed for cleaning and the door was locked.Suddenly the situation had changed.
She had allowed just enough time to get to this bathroom before her bowels began to empty,but now she could feel the soft poop of the last three days was touching her panties already and the door was locked.She knew that the next nearest bathroom was too far to reach now as her bowels were moving slowly,so she remembered what Debbie had said to her earlier about her house being empty when she got home.Nicole could definitely feel her panties start to get sticky now as soft poop touched cotton,just like the good old time she had enjoyed before she was pregnant.She had to admit to herself the thought of being naughty again did seem inviting right now,and her panties were already getting dirty,so why not. A minute passed and her mind was made up,she would do it again right now.The thought was becoming more enjoyable as she relaxed and stopped clenching her cheeks,feeling her panties begin to fill now as she remembered the great orgasms she had enjoyed with poop filled panties.
Now her mind had accepted that she was going to poop herself right then,she actually pushed and felt a great surge of hot soft smooth poop spreading all inside her panties as she stood by the locked bathroom door.Yes,this felt so right just at this minute.She felt behind her with her hand and there was a large soft bulge in her pants which felt hot even through her pants.Nicole started walking toward the parking area,so glad that it was late and there were not many people about.She did pass four people before she got to the parking,but nobody noticed her bulging pants,and as she was walking normally it did not look suspicious.Actually walking normally felt so good as it made the soft poop spread a little bit more with each step,helped by gravity,her soft hot bulge was now being pushed between her legs and she could feel it slipping over the lips of her pussy now,which gave her a great deal of excitement.Soon she was at her car,opened the door and sat down in her seat very gently so she could feel the warmth being pushed up over her pussy and onto her belly,just like the good old days.
The memories of those times came rushing back to her and the feelings of impending orgasm filled her once more as she slipped her hand down inside her pants and opened the front of them.She let her hand slide over her damp poop filled panties,feeling the warmth and the softness as she pressed gently,pushing the soft poop into further places it had not yet reached.Nicole could feel the tingling all through her pussy as she let her fingers touch her clitoris again after such a long time without masturbating.The feeling came flooding back to her.How wonderful it had been before and now it was going to be wonderful again.This could not wait until she got home now,it was too urgent,it had to be right now.She began to rub her pussy lips and clitoris gently,sending electric tinglings through her body with each touch.Nicole moved her fingers faster and pressed firmer,losing herself in the excitement of the pleasure as her sexual rapture took over her body once more after so long.Her pussy was throbbing so hard now it was almost painful,but she knew that this was when she should rub more even though her body was saying she should stop,because rubbing more meant a massive orgasm was about to flood over her.
In a matter of minutes she was moaning with unbounded pleasure as the orgasm hit her and she was squirting her love juices all into her pants,not caring about how messy it was going to be.She was only concerned with how wonderful she felt now as she squirmed in her slippery poop filled pants,enjoying every movement she made as soft warm poop moved over her pussy lips and was spread over her belly.She scooped some in her hand and brought it up out of her panties,pushing it up under her shirt,feeling the smooth mess so warm as her hand rubbed it under her boobs.Nicole needed to pee now really urgent,so she just let it flow into her pants.The towel she had thrown onto her seat before she got into her car would soak all that up,and as she fell back drained of all energy,she reached her poop covered hand to the towel and cleaned it of her poop before she started the car and drove home.She had not been so happy for many months.It was going to be good getting back into the panty pooping habit again and enjoying more of the super orgasms once more.It was time for the naughty Nicole to come back.Nicole the MILF of before was now MILFilicious.

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  1. well first of all congratulations on the baby, and may he grow up big and healthy. and second great story. Would love to hear more of the escapades of panty pooping from your friend nicole. keep up the great work !!

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