Nicole goes public

Saturday morning arrived and Nicole woke up feeling very full as she had been holding her poop in since Wednesday night on instructions from her good friend Debbie.Today she was going to do something new for the first time;she was going poop her panties in a public place.She felt very nervous but she knew that Debbie would be with her online as she tackled that exciting event.Nicole could feel that her bowels were straining to release their big load already,but she still had to wait a few hours yet before she could relax.She got out of bed and got dressed in the clothes that she had carefully chosen and set out the night before to be ready for her big adventure.A nice cream T shirt and her close fitting cotton panties with a pair of figure hugging black slacks that showed off her cute bum to all her admirers.She went downstairs and ate a large breakfast as Debbie had told her to do,to be sure of a full feeling.Then she made sure that there was an old newspaper and a towel in her car which she would use to cover her seat when she parked at the mall,ready for her return to the car with poop filled panties.

Keeping busy all morning made the time pass quickly and soon it was 1130 and time to make her way to the mall where she would for the first time deliberately poop her panties in a crowded public place.Feeling more nervous as the time passed and the pooping deadline approached,Nicole parked the car a long walk from the mall entrance and walked toward the door after covering her driving seat ready for her return.Looking at her watch she saw it was only 1150 as she typed into her phone her first message to Debbie,”Where are you”.There was no reply just yet but a few minutes later Debbie sent a message,”I am here with now my dear’.
It was time to start the adventure.Nicole told Debbie that she was having trouble holding now and Debbie told her to start walking inside the mall and to get right in away from the exit and start looking at shop windows.Nicole walked inside and reached the food hall,clenching her cheeks tightly as she walked,as the poop was pushing hard to get out of her.

In five minutes she reported to Debbie that she had gone up the escalator and was now on the top level looking in the windows and that she was almost losing the poop now as it was so hard to hold it in.Debbie kept asking her about what it was like in the mall and if it was busy.Nicole said that there were a lot of people there and it was very busy and crowded.Debbie gave her her instructions and Nicole found a good place to stop where she would not look to obvious.She stood by the rail of the upper level,leaning over and looking down at the people below.On Debbie’s orders Nicole relaxed for ten seconds and her poop started to move,poking out and touching her white cotton panties and feeling so good as the warm smooth mound started to grow in her panties.After ten seconds she tried to stop but found that her bowels had other plans;the poop kept coming out and would not stop,so Debbie told her to just relax and let it happen.

Nicole typed that it smelled pretty bad close to her,but there was a slight breeze flowing through the mall,so it wafted most of it away from the people near her and passing by her on their shopping trip.Nicole noticed that one man seemed to be looking at her as she leaned on the rail,quietly filling her panties with lovely warm messy poop,but Debbie told her he was more likely checking out her cute bum and boobs.She kept relaxed and then pushed the last of her poop out filling her panties completely.
Debbie told her that she should now walk toward the exit,right through the crowds of people and to walk normally,not waddling,
to avoid drawing attention to herself,and to enjoy the feeling as her poop was spread as she walked.Nicole walked through one big store to reach the nearest exit and it seemed like nobody noticed the lovely lady with poop filled panties and the large mound at her bum as she passed through them.

Reaching the exit,Nicole walked slowly through the parked cars,and as Debbie suggested,leaned against one of them to flatten the poopy mound at her bum.It felt so nice leaning on the car and feeling her poop being spread all over her bum and even now it was starting to seem like it might come out of the legs of her panties and into her slacks.She got off the car and walked again savoring the feeling of filled panties slipping over her bum as she walked.Soon she reached her car and slipped into her seat on top of the towel.She pressed herself down into the seat and began to squirm in her poopy panties,pushing the mess further up behind her and forward over her pulsating pussy,now using her hand to push it further up in front.As she pushed it over her pussy she felt such a thrill and suddenly she was overtaken by the most brilliant orgasm which made her back arch and she squirted masses of juice into her panties.Now her bladder was stimulated and began to crave release too,so she relaxed once more and just allowed the pee to flood out of her into poop filled panties,making a warm wet messy mixture to play with on her drive home.

Driving home was very pleasureable and all too soon she arrived at her house,drove into her garage and closed the door with her remote.Now Nicole took some time to masturbate once more until she has exploded again with total pleasure.Now she got out and made her way to the bathroom and the shower for the clean up part of the adventure.Always a big part of the pooping experience but worth it for the joy it brought.Nicole found that even cleaning up could be fun if you played with the soft messy poop under the flow of warm water as it streamed down your body.Slipping soft wet poop over your boobs and belly felt so good that it was easy to enjoy one more orgasm if you played it right.Nicole had to admit that although it had been a nervous time for her it had been so worth it all for the pleasure she got.

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