Nicola wets herself on Sports Day: Part 1

It was an idiotic idea to begin with. Sports Day. We work in a call centre, we fix broadband, what on earth possessed the higher-ups when they thought of a sports day as a team building activity. The entire thing was ridiculous. Each manager signed their team up for three events, ours was the sack race, the space-hopper race and hoopla. Grown adults should not be doing this shit. Ladies and gentlemen, shit happened. In this case literally.
The day was a nightmare from start to finish, I had somehow turned my alarm off rather than snooze it, so I woke up late, only time to do the basics. Jumping out of bed I went to grab my gym stuff from the ironing bundle, but couldn’t find my sports bra, low and behold, the only bra I could find was my sexy-time one (not that it had been used in a while, sigh, being single is such a bore). Black lace it is then, it didn’t matter too much. I dragged everything on as quickly as I could, rushed past the kitchen and bathroom, no time to do even the basics today, dragged my hair into a messy bun, the way that bizarrely gets the most compliments, grabbed my car keys, handbag, and out the door I went.
It was as I turned my engine on that I realised I needed to pee. Not bad, but that niggling feeling I’ll need a bathroom in the next 20 minutes – 15 minute drive to work, that wouldn’t be a problem.
Or so I thought.
I comfortably made it to the office, just as the clock hit 9am. I saw my team gathered, my manager trying to inspire some motivation and competition for the day, failing at every step.
I thought I’d better rush to the toilet before I showed my face but I was spotted and beckoned. Oh well, this stupid day won’t start for a while, I’ll have time, I thought as the need got a bit more urgent. I can control myself.
I looked smart in my black tank top and skimpy shorts. Through the initial introduction of the day I kept glancing towards Sean, the hot guy from the team a couple of bays down, hoping that I wouldn’t look like too much of an idiot today, I still thought I had a chance there. There has been some flirting. I lost focus for a minute and suddenly I was being shooed out of the door, we were in the first relays of the day, and it started prompt on the green behind our building. My bladder groaned at the sight of the three bathrooms I passed but was unable to dive into. Shit, this may be a problem.
By the time we reached the grass I was having to hold my legs together a little, subtly camouflaged by my stance, I hoped, but nonetheless, this was an issue. I had been nominated for this race and handed a space hopper. Oh god. A drop of golden piss escaped causing surprise, I crossed my legs, my clit sandwiched between my legs, and I could feel it getting aroused. This is not the time. The teams were all in position, 10 people with hoppers, the rest around the sides to jeer their team-mates on. Sean was part of a different race I saw, and he was watching me intently, a grin on his rugged face. That was all I needed. I stepped up to the starting line, afraid to uncross my legs. No escaping now though.
Bravely I took a breath and slowly sat on the hopper, trying to be as graceful as I could without letting go of the massive amount of piss I had ready to come out. Sitting down had caused some more to escape and without looking I could feel that there was a small wet-patch on my shorts, but being black it wouldn’t show too much. If I had any motivation to win this it would be to get to a bathroom before I lost control in front of everyone I worked with.
The whistle blew and I started bouncing, my unsupported breasts were causing concern but none so much as my bladder. I felt more leaks, one for every bounce, it wouldn’t be too long before the floodgates opened. I wasn’t very good at this, I was falling behind, my crotch getting wetter and wetter. I moaned, this cannot possibly be happening. The end of the line was near, and I still had some semblance of control, but not for long, I passed the end mark about 4th, scrambled off my hopper and immediately crossed my legs. I breathed a sigh of relief when nothing else came out. No one was paying much attention to me, there was far too much hilarity around the winner, except one person. He came up behind me, stroked my arm and whispered in my ear.
‘I know’, he whispered. ‘Piss yourself, you’re already halfway there’.
I spun around, the frustration of my desperation showing in my face. Sean gestured towards a couple of trees about 3 yards away from the event. Keeping my legs together I stumbled over, my breathing still heavy, my squirming more evident if anyone had been paying attention. The tree covered me from all the work folks, and a hedge prevented anyone else from seeing my actions. It was only him.
I leaned against the tree, ‘I’m about to lose it, I can’t hold it any longer’, I moaned
He stood close, one arm he placed on the tree at my head, one found itself stroking my stomach, and my bulging bladder.
‘Now’, he commanded.
And I let go. Slowly at first, the initial drops found their way from my shorts down my thigh and the inside of my calf. The drips stopped when they hit my socks in my trainers, then I opened my legs and my piss cascaded down onto the grass below. I could feel my shorts getting soaked, my trainers too. His fingers moved down and he fingered the outside of my shorts, feeling the flow, my clit pulsing, my eyes closed with the relief. Somehow I smelled a fart and hoped that it wasn’t me.
As my pee subsided I opened my eyes. His gaze was at my crotch, watching his fingers get covered in my juices, and suddenly he stopped and looked shocked. Before I could say anything, we both heard his name being called, he quickly headed towards the crowd leaving me satisfied about my piss, but turned on. I was able to sneak away unnoticed as I headed to the bathroom, my clit was screaming to be played with and I really needed to attempt to clean myself up.

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