Nicola was different


Nicola was different

She worked in a busy office with four other girls – Tracy, Sue, Carol and Beryl. However Nicola was different. For the first twenty two years of her life she’d been  Nick – a guy seemingly trapped in a man’s body whilst knowing that he was a girl at heart. Three years earlier, on graduating from university and before starting work at her present job, she’d decided to live as a woman. Yes, she took hormones, wore makeup, dressed as a woman and, if the voice didn’t give her away, could convincingly pass as one. However she’d not had “the operation” and doubted whether she would. Between her legs hung a thick, meaty, eight inch cock – and that’s when it was limp! When she was fully erect it was nearly a foot long.

Of course the other girls knew about Nicola’s pre-op TG status and, to their credit, had no issues around it. At least if they did, they were pretty good at hiding the fact. They would often go out to lunch as a group on Fridays when the office closed early for the weekend and Nicola had never noticed any hint of prejudice.

They had all assured Nicola that they had no problems with her using the ladies toilet at work and, indeed, expected her to do just that. Nicola, however, differed from the other girls in another way. Long ago, whilst still at university, she’d perfected the art of holding her pee all day. She’d pee in the shower first thing and not go again until teatime or early evening. Of course she’d always pee last thing at night before going to bed. On the occasions she’d not done so as a rather drunken student Nicola had invariably woken up at an inconvenient hour of the morning in a piss sodden bed. Although brought up to believe that bedwetting wasn’t a big deal, she didn’t like the hassle factor of dealing with it as an adult.

Nicola’s seeming ability to hold all day amazed the other girls at work. Tracy and Beryl went to pee without fail at lunchtime. Sue and Carol would go at least twice if not three times a day – more if it was a particularly cold morning. True enough, cold mornings made Nicola feel as though she wanted to pee by coffee time, but she never went. She’d just ignore the need and get on with what she was doing. After all, if she was busy enough, the need to pee might not pass completely but it would certainly be forgotten about.

One thing which helped Nicola to get through the day without peeing was a little lunchtime indulgence she allowed herself if the other girls had gone to lunch and the boss wasn’t around. She would reach up her skirt, release her cock from its thong and pleasure herself. No stranger to the art of masturbation she enjoyed edging and doing all she could to make it last. However she had an amazing ability to masturbate quite aggressively for some time before cumming – a skill not unique to TG’s but not uncommon amongst them either. Sometimes she’d allow herself to cum and would have strategically positioned tissue or kitchen paper or soak it up. There were some occasions when she’d cum without intending to, creating a mess which had to be mopped up quickly. Today she’d begun spurting unexpectedly but luckily most of her load had landed in a nearby waste paper bin.

That had been quite some wank at twelve forty five and one she wouldn’t forget soon. However it was now twenty past five and the other girls had long since gone home. Nicola had decided to stay on to finish some urgent typing for her boss and had just completed it. Closing down her computer she felt a quiet sense of satisfaction.

That typing wasn’t the only urgent thing though. Unusually for her, Nicola had drunk two pint mugs of coffee during the morning on top of her usual mugs of tea at noon and two o’clock. She’d needed the toilet since two thirty and the urge had become a serious one at twenty to four, For an hour and forty minutes she’d been growing increasingly desperate and had been frantic since before five when her colleagues were still there. She enjoyed the feeling of being incredibly desperate – a full bladder was one of the best feelings Nicola knew. However she was losing her ability to hold on and started to release spurts. There was no way she’d make it to the ladies even if she hurried. Luckily she was a quick thinker and, grabbing the plastic waste bin she’d used earlier, Nicola peed into it. Her pee came out with incredible force and there was a lot of it. By the time she’d finished it was almost full to the point of overflowing. Gingerly, she carried it to the ladies, entered one of the cubicles and threw the contents down the toilet before rinsing it out and flushing. Returning to her desk she wiped the bin out with some tissue paper, gathered her belongings and locked the office. Making her way to the bus stop, she had a feeling that bin would come in useful again!

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