nice poop

I’ve been holding my poop. I haven’t taken a shit yesterday so now it’s the 2nd day of no poop coming. I need suggestions, Will I poop tomorrow or not?I’m planning to take laxatives If I can’t poop tomorrow or on Monday.

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  1. What ever happens; I hope you will capture it all on Video!! The longer you hold it will cause it to be Bigger and Harder when you do push it out!! Wish I could be there when it Drops!!

  2. Sometimes it takes a bit longer to make up enough till it’s time to come out. It will and when it does, it’s going to be a large turd and it’ll fill your underpants or whatever you have on to the point that it’ll bulge them to the point that you’ll be able to see it from the sides due to the amount of poop getting pushed out and piled up in your underpants. Be patient!

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