Niall Horan

Niall had felt the need to go since Nando’s, he and Liam had gone into town for no specific reason other than pure boredom, Liam left and walked down a path, Niall removed his shirt due to the heat of the summer, sweat glistening on the man’s Pecs and Abs.

Finding a bench and becoming aroused due to his every grow need to relieve himself, he found a bench to sit on and slowly started to play with his now hard nipples,

Moaning softly, he licked his fingers and gently flicked them over the hard nipple’s,

His cock had been growing in size for about a minute when he removed his clothes, now in nothing but underwear. people all around were taking pictures and video’s as Niall walked away nipples still being rubbed beautifully.

Niall reached the end of the path closest to the city center and removed his underwear, his hard cock springing up, he stops in the center of the city,, a flow of piss is relieved from his member, people scream as the Irish pop=star stands, pinching hard at his nipples and turns to recording camera’s with a grin.

It is then that he turns on his own phone, and set’s it against a small stage step.
He hit’s record and squats down, the phone can perfectly see his beautifully sculpted arse and previously unwiped shithole, a log begins to poke it’s way through his his, Niall begins to moan as the massive log begins to come further out,

It’s perfect, thick, just the right length, solid and requires a bit more effort than normal for him to push out the beauty, a perfect shade of golden brown.

He grunts and moans in one final push as the log drops to the floor and he his stop recording, the smell is amazing, farts begin to erupt from the boys freshly ripe arsehole, he looks at his shit laying on the floor and picks it up, both hands needed, he smears it all over himself, eating some as well.

Liam returns at this point, running, “Niall!, Niall!” He pants, “Sorry I’m late master,” He finishes as he bows down and spreads Nialls shitty cheeks and begins to clean Niall’s rectum with his tongue.

Niall pushes again and more shit comes out into Liams mouth, Liam eats it with pleasure.

Niall had been masturbating for a good ten minutes before blowing a load all over the street, people in utter disbelief.

“You have no idea how long I’ve needed that for…” He laughs.

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