Next Door Neighbor – Rick

I love wearing diapers, but at times it’s difficult because I don’t live alone. When I do get the chance to put one on, it’s only to pee in – afraid that others would smell the poop. A few times I”ve had the chance to poo in my diaper and enjoyed the feeling. Enough of my background.

A week ago, I called in sick on Wednesday. Work has been stressful and just needed a day to relax and work around the house. The lawns needed to be mowed and the garden was full of weeds. It was around 9am when everyone left for work and I was alone in the house. I felt good, it’s going to be a diaper day. I went upstairs and put on a nice thick diaper, pair of baggy shorts over them and put a t-shirt on. I spent the next two hours cleaning the house. Around 12:30pm, decided it was time to start working outside. It was a nice hot day, around 85 and getting hotter.

As I’m walking out to the shed to get the lawn mower, I see my neighbor Rick outside. He is around 55, tall guy and keeps himself in shape. Rick calls me over and we chat for a few minutes.

I drag the mower out of the shed and fill it up with gas. Decided to take off the t-shirt while mowing – felt like getting some sun on my back. While mowing the back yard, I had to stop a few times to get more water to drink and pull up the baggy shorts that were sliding down – guess I should have put a belt on to keep them up. Diaper was starting to feel pretty good – getting used since 9am. As I go back to the mower, I hear another mower starting up, it was Rick who was also shirtless. We both smiled and waved – and finished mowing our yards. I had a very strange feeling that Rick was watching me – his lawn did not need mowing.

It was around 3pm and I was on my hands and knees pulling weeds from the garden. I was still shirtless and my back was starting to feel a tab burnt.

Hey Mike, your back is getting awful red, you need to be careful. Rick was right behind me and scared the hell out of me. I jumped up.. Rick just laughed… Sorry about that Mike, didn’t mean to scare you – thought you might need a break. As I turned around I noticed Rick had several beers in a bag.

As we sat on my back deck, both of us only in shorts – we popped open a beer. We chatted about the other neighbors and crime in the area. Rick noted that his wife was on vacation, back in NY visiting family, so he decided to take a few days off as well. After a few more beers, Rick looked right into my eyes – Mike I need to ask you a question. He paused, took a deep breath and asked – Mike is that a diaper your wearing under your shorts? You have been outside working all day and I never noticed you going into the house and when I was behind you while you were on your hands and knees – the top of the diaper was showing. My face turned all shades of red. Rick kept talking – it’s cool if you are, no reason to be turning red.. I had to wear diapers last year due to medical reasons – are you having medical issues? My face was still red and was trying to think of a reply. Are you wearing diapers just for fun – Rick asked? I turned to Rick – I’m wearing because I want too Rick, but you can’t tell anyone. I couldn’t believe those words just came out of my mouth.

Rick finished his beer and grabbed another one – your secret is your secret and I promise not to say anything Mike. To be honest, last year when I had to wear them – I wore them longer than I needed too – it felt good just to have them on, but had to stop wearing because of the wife.

Mike, just relax and have another beer. Rick could tell that I was on edge and he put a big smile on his face. So, Mike is that diaper soaked or could you use some more piss in it? Well, Rick it’s pretty soaked and smiled back at Rick. Mike, how about us going inside an I’ll help you put a fresh diaper on – than we can come back outside and have another drink. Rick stood up and said, lets go and change you, don’t be shy boy.

We were in the bedroom and I grabbed a fresh diaper from the my hiding place. I handed the diaper to Rick. Well, lets get that wet diaper off you – with that Rick reached out and pulled down my shorts – Damn Mike – you are soaked. Rick than took the wet diaper off me. I was standing there in front of Rick with a hardon. Well, Mike I guess you do like to wear diapers and laughed. Rick spread the diaper out on the bed and had me lay on top of it. He than did the sides of the diaper, nice and tight. There you go Mike, nice fresh diaper on. I than reached for my shorts, but Rick stopped me – no, I just want you in the diaper boy. You look great boy in just a diaper. We than headed back outside onto the deck – so, glad the deck is very private.

I was more relaxed in the situation – Rick was enjoying himself or I should say enjoying having me in a diaper. We both popped open another beer and started drinking. You know boy, I’ve been drinking all these beers and really need to take a piss. Rick stood up and came over to were I was sitting – why don’t you stand up boy so I can fill that diaper for you. What the hell, why not do it I said to myself. As I started to stand up, Rick was lowering his zipper of his shorts. He than pulled out this massive semi-limp dick. Yea boy, take a good look at his meat. I was now standing right in front of Rick, he moved closer and placed his dick head down the front of my diaper. Are you ready, boy? As I nodded my head, I started to feel his hot piss hit my cock and balls. His piss started slow at first, than full force. Rick was right, he soaked my diaper and it was so hot. My cock was fully erect inside the diaper.

Rick stepped back and told me to sit back down in the chair. He left his dick out, which seemed to be getting harder. How does my piss feel in your diaper boy, I can see that your hard again, you must like it. As I started to speak, Rick walked closer to me, his dick was right in front of my face. Now boy, open that mouth of yours – I’m not done pissing.

I started to stand up, and Rick pushed me back down – now boy, open your mouth and take my piss. I opened my mouth and Rick slowly put his dick head in my mouth. I closed my lips around his dick and as I did, I could taste his piss. He it comes boy, Rick said – now drink it. Rick held the back of my head while he filled my mouth with his piss and made me drink it. That’s a good boy, drink it all. After Rick was done pissing in my mouth, he than started fucking my face – your going to take my load boy, you got me so hot, it’s not going to take long for me to shoot. Rich was fucking my mouth faster and faster, he started to moan – he it comes boy. With that I felt his load empty into my mouth. Eat my load boy, Rick said as he pulled his dick out of my mouth – eat it all boy… Make your Daddy proud of his boy.

Rick than put his dick back into his shorts and sat back down, he grabbed his beer,which was warm by now and finished it. Rick looked at me – boy, you need to call in sick tommorow. I’ll be over around 10:30am, you will be in a wet diaper laying on the bed. Before I put a fresh diaper on you, I’m going to give you Daddies load up your ass – you understand boy? I looked at Rick and said, yes Daddy I understand. Good boy – Rick stood up and walked over to his house – remember boy, 10:30am you better be ready or your secret will no longer be a secret.. Rick walked into his house. I stayed in the chair, sitting in a diaper that was soaked with Rick’s piss – I leaned back and filled the diaper even more, to the point a puddle of piss was forming on the deck.

So glad that I called in sick today and will call in tomorrow. Guess I caught the 48 hour bug.. LOL..

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