Newby, not exactly

I was a member when the site closed ,last year??? and now I’ve rediscovered it. Hoping to rediscover my old friends, some of which I used to skype with. I’m a naked poop, bi, luv men and women, it;s not always possible to poop to order but happy to share, uk east mids here

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  1. Hi! Get in touch with me would love to skype about poo and pee. username: von.vansen

  2. Hey Bill I am a naked pooper also ,I love to do it in panties or thongs if I have a real accident in pants that’s fine but never purposely ,naked is the way to go for me ! Pee and poop !

  3. Love poo and I shit my undies whenever I can. Please be my friend. Wouldn’t mind seeing what you can do via Discord.

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