New school punishment system

At Oakhall all girls school there was very few incidents that needed to be punishable therefore for the upcoming term the headmistress Mrs Smith set out to bring in a new punishment system for any of her pupils who disobeyed the school rules. This new punishment wasn’t a detention or isolation it was a diaper regression system were if any pupil broke any of the rules they would be sent to the head of the new system for the diaper time sentence. Mrs Smith had decided that she was going to select three pupils to trial the new punishment for a month. The last day of term she would hold an assembly to pick out the three pupils. (Last day) the pupils rushed into the hall to hear the new announcement form there head. The hall was soon quiet once Mrs Smith stood up onto the stage. She announced that she was going to select three names from all of the pupils no matter what year group as trialists to her new punishment. A short clip was played showing the punishment in force at another girls school. The hall broke out with comments but Mrs smith pushed them of by showing on the screen that every parent had agreed to there kid being part of the new punishment. Without further ado she moved on with the selection. The first name out of the box was being selected by the deputy head. The name selected was Carly from the oldest year group. Carly had to walk up onto the stage and was giving a pack which any pupil on the punishment would receive. It included a pack of teen diapers, plastic pants, baby powder and wipes. The next name selected was Erin from second year. Erin walked nervously up onto the stage and received her pack. The final name selected was hazel from the oldest year also. She again went up onto the stage to receive her pack. Mrs smith instructed the three pupils to sit down on the chairs on the stage to find out what each girls punishment would be. Mrs smith started with the youngest in Erin. She readout that Erin she’ll serve a two week period in diapers (the longest period of time for her year group) whilst she is in school and will denied any access to the bathroom. And will therefore use her diaper for both peeing and pooping. She must have done both by the end of the day everyday for her time on the punishment. She will be changed once at lunch time no matter what is inside the diaper or if it’s clean by the school nurse. Each morning you will arrive and go straight to the nurse to be diaper and start the day. Next both Carly and hazel. As they were both in the oldest year they were giving a two month period of being on the punishment. The same rules applied interms of what would be going into the diaper but as they were older they were expected to last the whole without a change until it was time to go home. There was also sub punishments for being seen near the toilets, removing the diaper, or not having met the messing requirements each day. The punishment for being found at the toilets was to be giving one laxative after the next change. The punishment for removing the diaper was to have a Chasity belt over your diaper to prevent removal unless from nurse, The punishment for not meeting the requirements was to be forced to mess diaper in front of whole school followed by receiving a laxative each hour for a day. The girls waited until the rest of the pupils left the hall. Mrs smith instructed the three pupils to bring there pack on the first day itv the new term and meet her at the nurses office, failure to bring pack will result in additional time added to the punishment and also means that the pupil will be required to carry out the punishment in just there underwear until they remember there pack.

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  1. The story sounds really promising. I am looking forward to see what happens with these girls.
    They should be insisted on how important to keep regular is, and if they fail to poop their diapers for two days they should be given an enema in public.

  2. That’s bullshit. What incentive do they have to comply? The chosen girls should be a problem already.

  3. Improving the English (grammar and spelling, capitalising names, basic stuff) would make it more readable (their instead of there for example), as would putting in some sensible paragraph breaks.

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