New school punishment system part two

After the three day break before the new term starts the three girls were about to start there punishment for there giving time. Erin went through her morning routine and made sure She had all of her necessary items in her bag as well as her diaper pack as the last thing she wanted was to be made to use her pants as her toilet all day. Hazel and Carly both met before walking to school and discussed how the were feeling about there situation. Hazel had already made a mistake by wearing a pair of jeans which would show off her diapered butt to any body who look her direction. After there fifteen minute walk and Erin’s ten minutes bus journey they were siting patiently outside the nurses office to be accepted in and changed into there diapers. They still had about ten minutes before the bell rang to signal the start of first period. Soon approached Mrs smith who opened
the nurses door and led the pupils in. The nurse was setting up three changing mats onto top off the medical beds. There were five beds in total and the first three were going to be assigned to each of the girls leaving two for any unwell pupils in the rest of the school. Mrs smith declared that for the first day of there punishment they would spend the whole day in the nurses room leading how to properly use there diaper in class and how it was important to use it when the urge comes and not to hold it until they are about to get changed. The nurse instructed the three girls to go on the beds and asked for a volunteer to be changed first. Carly raised her hand and the nurse went over to her and asked for her pack. The nurse pulled out a diaper and the powder and put them aside until she had removed Carly’s skirt and tights.
She started by pulling down Carly’s tube skirt and then her tights to reveal her white panties. The nurse soon removed the by cutting them straight off. Carly was
Left half naked. The nurse grabbed the diaper and placed it under Carly. She was powdered and the diaper was fastened.Once Carly’s diaper was fastened she stood up of the bed and stepped out of her shoes and tights so the nurse could put a pair of plastic pants over her diaper. Carly was told to get dressed whilst hazel was diapered. Hazel had her shoes removed first so her jeans could be taken off as she would be required to wear a skirt for the time she was wearing diapers. Under her jeans she was wearing a pink thong that hardly covered her vagina or butt. It was cut off and within five minutes she was diapered like Carly. The nurse went to the spear clothes door and picked out a tube skirt and a pair of tights for hazel to put on. Last was Erin. The nurse pulled down her skirt and tights to reveal her white panties which were cut off and as the previous two she was diapered in five minutes. Now all three girls were diapered with plastic pants on as well they all had a tube skirt which shows of the bulk of there butt. The nurse said they were going to learn to both pee and poop properly in there diaper by the end of the day. The nurse asked each girl when they last both wet and pooped them self. Erin was asked first and claimed it was about three years ago when she wet herself and only a matter of months since she pooped herself. Next was Carly who said sh had last wet herself in year 4 and pooped herself in year 3, last was hazel who last wet herself about three weeks ago and pooped herself not long after that incident. As she was the most recent to have done both she would have to wet her diaper first in front of Erin, Carly , the nurse and mrs smith. All the girls were instructed before going not to go to the toilet so they could do it in there diaper. Hazel was told that the best way to prevent leaking was to pee standing up. Hazel went to stand against the wall in front of everyone and started to release her pee into her diaper you could hear her pee as it hit the diaper. About two minutes of constant peeing hazel said she was finished. Hazel was instructed to lay down on the bed assigned to her. Next up to pee was Erin. She stood against the wall and released her pee. She was much longer than hazel was standing there but she looked nervous to get started. Last Carly walked up. She started to pee and made the loudest noise with her pee hitting the diaper. The nurse said who ever had wet there diaper the least will be giving s punishment and will be first to poo there diaper. The nurse pulled down everyone’s skirt and tights along with the plastic pants . She looked at the three girls laying in there wet diapers but the one who had peed the least was Erin. Erin’s punishment along side being first to poop was that she will have to wet her pants once she is changed at the end of the I front of the girls to teach her that it is best to use her diaper to its full capacity.

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