New school punishment system part three

Erin was first up to poop her diaper and was guided to a single classroom desk and chair she was told to sit on the chair and then lift her self up by leaning on the desk to create space to push her poop into her diaper. She pushed herself up and stared to create some farts and push out a log of poop. The others could start to see her diaper bulge and a lard log of poop. Erin moved away from the desk and took position on her bed whilst the other girls finished. Next was Carly who almost had soon had she got into position had her poop touching the base of her disper . Finally hazel went and only managed to push out a few pebbles and inevitably would be getting punished. Before that decision was made the nurse had to inspect everyone’s diaper. She went to Erin first and pulled away the tapes of the diaper to reveal a large log of poop pressing against her but and the bed. The nurse moved on to Carly to be faced with almost twice as much poop as Erin. Finally hazels diaper was opened to reveal her little pebbles of poop. As a punishment for having the least amount of poop in her diaper she would be giving both the poop from Erin’s and Carly’s diaper in to hers and giving 50 spanks on the stage in front of the whole school. The nurse lead hazel to the stage where she was put into some head stocks with her but facing the the pupils soon to be arriving. Whilst hazel was getting locked in Mrs smith informed the school of the assembly and that all pupils must attend otherwise they will be giving three weeks in diapers. The hall soon filled up but hazel was behind the curtain for now. Mrs smith was pleased to see that everyone had attended the assembly. Mrs smith informed the school that since hazel had been selected for the punishment she was to be given a smaller punishment for not meeting the requirements of her punishment. The curtain was pulled away and revealed hazels diapered but under her tights and skirt. Before hazels punishment started mrs smith invited Erin and Carly to stand on the stage either there tights down and skirts off. The nurse walked up with a paddle ready to spank hazel. Soon hazel was getting her messy but spanked I front of the whole school about ten minutes later hazel was released and joined the others standing on the stage. The nurse whispered into mrs smiths ear and suggesting Erin’s punishment is completed on the stage also. The curtain closed and left Mrs smith to announce that Erin was now going to wet her self in just jet panties to remind her of the importance of her diaper is and that it is there to be used. The curtain opened and stood there in a pair of panties was Erin. She started to pee and soon it was dripping down her legs and had soaked her panties but it got a lot worse as she couldn’t prevent herself from pushing out a large log of poop into the panties. Mrs smith made a final announcement to the pupils reminding them that for any future punishable offence they would be giving the same as the three girls on the stage. End of part three TBC

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