New Roommate (fiction)

I am in my early 30s and had been living in an apartment with the same roommate for a few years. He recently decided to spend some time abroad, but had conveniently found a man who would rent his room for the time he was away. I met this man, Jack, the day he began moving in. He was a little older than me, in his 40s. He was broad and pretty muscular, but still with a bit of a belly. He wore a tank that revealed his this chest and belly hair. He also had wild, ungroomed pit hair that stank of rare washing and no deodorant. I was basically hard from shaking his hand, but I was not sure if he would be interested. I am a slim guy, in pretty good shape. I am generally attracted to men fitting this guy’s description, so I was worried it might get uncomfortable if he was straight or uninterested.
He introduced himself and I showed him to his room so he could start unpacking. When he came back out a short time later he was still in the same tank, but he had removed his shorts and was sporting a heavily skid marked pair of briefs. He asked me to come show him the bathroom and let him know where to put his bathroom supplies. I had a hard time taking my eyes off his thick, juicy soiled ass, and he noticed.
“Do you want to smell?” he asked abruptly.
“Do you want to smell my ass. It’ll be a quick way to get to know each other well. Like dogs”
He did not have to ask again. I dropped to my knees as he presented his stinking, stained ass to me and I buried my face in his ample cheeks. I huffed in his musky, bitter ass stank. He farted lightly in my face and my dick started raging. I pushed the seat of his briefs deep into his crack and ran my hand up and down the trench, making fresher skids stain the weathered fabric. He must not have wiped his ass for a while. I started licking the fresh shit stains without even thinking, I was just so high on his stink. My untouched dick was straining against my pants, leaking precum, begging for release.
Then, with my face buried in his filthy crack, he let out and loud, forceful fart, followed by a thick, semi-hard turd that smushed against my nose and mouth, filling the seat of his no totally destroyed briefs.
“Lay down,” he commanded. After I complied, he squatted over my face and began flooding his shit filled briefs with a torrent of hot, strong piss. It saturated the fabric and mixed with his mess before leaking out onto my face in a steady stream of filth. I opened my mouth.
“Good boy. I have a surprise for you after we finish.”
Jack finished relieving himself and headed to his room. I followed him, not even thinking to clean myself off. He threw an old pair of sweatpants on over his heavily soiled briefs and picked a duffel bag off his floor. He opened it up and revealed that it contained adult diapers with cartoon animal print, pacifiers, baby powder and some other items that were unfamiliar to me.
“While I live here, this is going to be your new underwear and your new toilet. The bathroom is mine now. ”
He threw a rubber sheet over the foot of his bed.
“Now, lay down so Daddy can put you in a clean diaper. You will get diaper checks whenever Daddy feels like it, no asking. If you enter the bathroom without permission there will be consequences. Don’t worry though. You will like being Daddy’s new baby.”

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