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  1. Hi Smiley,

    It’s always interesting to try new things, especially when it comes to poop 🙂

    Here are a few ideas:

    1) Poop in tight jeans, stretch pants or a bikini.
    2) Try to poop while sitting on the toilet lid.
    3) Squat on top of a mirror and watch it come out.
    4) Try pooping while doing different yoga positions.
    5) Discreetly poop while chatting to someone online.
    6) Poop while having sex with someone like-minded.

    I hope this helps.

  2. Do it in the water while swimming. Float on your back and spread your legs as far as you can, then let it go. After you are all done, bring your legs together and the poop will compress up against your ass, balls and dick. I have also done it while snorkeling while floating face down with the same configuration. Then I always masturbate as soon as all the poop is out and in my trunks. Sometimes I can achieve two orgasms. The first orgasm comes very soon after I shit in my trunks as my dick gets rock hard fast as the poop fills my trunks. Also, I try to hold off pooping for as many days as possible to get as much in my trunks as I can. I’ve been able to go 3 days at the longest, but when it’s time you want to be ready because holding it isn’t an option. I wear my brief black nylon swim trunks all the time (like underwear) and if the time is right, I’m ready. (You will fill your pants up completely full and ocassionally run out of the waistband at the rear or out of the tight leg bands. Usually an every 3 day poop is over full in my pants and it goes all over my ass, crotch, dick, and balls. Feels pretty good though, and it is quite a big noticeable load that others can notice! Get a pair of spandex or speed-o equivelant swim trunks and do like I do. You will never have to worry about “accidents” because the poop will stay in providing you don’t sit in it and pee doesn’t run out very well but eventually it will . If you poop them, under normal walking or standing, the poop won’t run out – unless, I guess, it is runny or soupy then it might show.

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