New method of washing undies

I just discovered a new technique of washing your underwear that’s just as efficient as bleach in a washing machine but takes less time and way less money, here’s what you do. First obviously you poop your pants till your hearts content, then get in the shower to wash off your body and while you’re in the shower, put your underwear in the sink with hot water and hand soap, then leave them there to soak while you shower. Then just  take the remaining stains out by hand while submerged in the hot water and soap then just dry them in the dryer or put them on wet (that’s what I do). I do this for 2 reasons: 1; It saves time and more importantly money and 2; I live with my parents so I don’t want to get humiliated if they find out. So that’s the technique I’ll be using from now on, if any of you haven’t tried it out already to ahead and do so. That’s all for now

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  1. I do live with my parents too 😉 but I still haven’t got caught yet, I can’t wait to get my work and live alone.

    Thanks anyway dude 😉

  2. What I do is I just take them in the shower with me and let the soap from the shampoo clean them off.

  3. when i was a kid and lived at home i used this technique also…the key is getting it before it drys in. Thank you for reminding me about this.

  4. My not just tell your folks you could walk around wet and dirty with a big boner.

    You would get off even more on the humiliation.

    Just kidding I think not.

  5. well I would reccomend using a bucket so that your sink wont be full of bacteria… and imo it should after rinsed, be washed at 90 degrees celcius ;)but what do I now I useally throw away my shitty underwear

  6. I clean them in the shower with the shampoo also, then its a matter of finding a way to dry them and then sneak them into the wash. I wouldn’t wear them as to my mind they are ‘dirty’ and well, pooping in them is fun and dirty but me, i like to be clean… weird… but yeah in winter the radiator is good and its behind the curtains, in summer… well I have yet to figure that one out! xx

  7. i always make sure that i shit in a fresh or new pair that i have not had on. your body oils and sweat make the stain harder to get out if you shit in a pair that you have had on for any length of time. then after loading and jerking off i will then flush the the load down the john and rinse the brief off as best as i can in the toilet then wash it out in the shower along with myself. It will usually clean up really well with no stains. xx Tom

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