New In Town

   We had only just
moved to a new town, and I felt very much like the outsider that I was. It was
nearly a week before I had found the time to venture out and look the town
over. Being 15 and new to town was not going to be easy as far as I was

    As I was walking
around town, I happened to meet a girl that was maybe a year or so older than
myself. It seemed we were both new in town. The company that my Dad worked for
was expanding, and had moved quite a few management people into town. She introduced
herself as Linda, and I knew right off that she and I were opposites. She was
outgoing and funny, while I was a quiet shy person. But we immediately became
friends in that odd way that opposites attract.

    There was a large
lake only about a mile out of town, so we planned on going swimming the next
day. When Linda came by the next morning, she was dressed in short cut off
jeans and had a tee shirt over what was clearly a bikini top. She came in and
charmed my parents into the swimming trip and promised to have me back by dark.
Linda followed me into my bedroom while I got dressed. It felt odd to undress
in front of someone I had only met the day before, but she acted like seeing me
naked was the most natural thing in the world. I pulled on a red one piece swim
suit and then pulled on shorts and a tee shirt. I slipped on my flip-flops and
we hopped in Linda’s car and headed for the lake.

    We drove around
the entire lake looking for just the right spot to spend the day. We finally
settled on a secluded spot that the trees came almost to the water. We were the
only ones there for probably a quarter mile either way. We  carried all of our things down by the water
and as we were spreading our towels on the sand, I heard a hissing sound. Linda
was grinning at me, and I looked down to see that she was peeing herself
through her shorts. She started giggling and said, “hey we are going in the
water any way, so what’s the big deal”. I was speechless. I am sure my eyes
were big as saucers as I stared at the pee running out of her shorts and down
her legs. I felt a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach, and a warm feeling
between my legs. I couldn’t believe that I was becoming aroused by what she had
just done.

   She told me that if
we were going to be besties, that I should know a few things about her. First
thing was that she liked girls  just as
much as she did guys. I confessed that I had never really thought about being
with a girl, you know “that” way. But that seeing her pee herself had been a
turn on for me that I didn’t expect.  It
was then that she leaned over and kissed me like it was the most natural thing
in the world. At first, I was stiff to say the least, but after only a few
seconds, not only did I return the kiss but was moaning  against her lips as she slipped her tongue
into my mouth. I don’t think that first kiss lasted all that long, but I know
it lasted long enough for my nipples to get hard and my young pussy to get wet.

    I was all tingly
between my legs and I stammered that I needed to pee, and started to get up.
Linda held me and whispered to just let it go. She assured me that the feeling
was incredible. At first I couldn’t pee, but finally my full bladder won and I
was soon peeing through my swimsuit and shorts. Linda grabbed my hand and
guided both of our hands between my legs. She was right! The feeling was
incredible. I also felt my pee soaking our entwined hands. As I finished
peeing, Linda while still holding my hand brought both our hands to her lips
and was licking my pee .  I had never
been so turned on in my life! She grinned at me and said ”maybe we should go
for a swim and cool off a bit”. We swam around near the bank for a few minutes
splashing each other and laughing.

    When we came back
up out of the water, Linda suggested that we should probably place our things
further up in the trees away from prying eyes.  We had laid our pee soaked shorts on the sand
to dry.  We retreated up the trail away
from the water and out of sight. We spread our towels out beside a tree on a
bed of leaves. Soon we were kissing, and Linda began to feel my titties through
my swim suit. I could tell that this wasn’t something that she was new to.  But I was. While she was rubbing at my hard
nipples, I had jammed my hand between my legs and was rubbing at my clit
through my suit. It took only a couple of minutes till I had my first orgasm
with another girl. I would have never dreamed I would be sexually attracted to
another girl, but at this point, I was sure I was falling head over heals in

    Linda took her
bikini top off and guided my mouth to her breast. I went purely on instinct and
started sucking on her nipple. Then she took my hand and placed between her
legs. I was rubbing her pussy through her bikini bottoms. Before long she
arched her back and was pushing against my hand. Suddenly, my hand was wet. She
was peeing and fucking herself against my hand. Then I got my next shock. As I
was rubbing up and down her pussy through her wet suit, I felt her body go
stiff and then as she had her orgasm her bikini bottom started filling with
poop. I looked up, and I could tell Linda was as shocked as I was. She started apologizing
and sat up, which just made the mess worse. Her shit pushed out of her bikini
onto our towels. I had shit on my hand, and at first I was appalled, then for
some strange reason I broke into giggles. 
Linda just stared at me at first, but my laughter was contagious. Soon
we were both laughing about me causing Linda such a great orgasm that she lost

    We went back into
the lake and I proceeded to clean her off. We spent the remainder of our day
together making out and planning to spend as much time together as possible.
Most of the shit stain had rinsed out of her bikini bottom, and she said not to
worry in that she would pull her shorts back over them to go home, so no one
would have any idea that it had ever happened.

    That night in my
room, I thought about all that had happened today. First kiss with a girl.
Peeing myself, Even my new “girlfriend” messing herself through a powerful
orgasm.  I was so horny I couldn’t
sleep.  The more I thought about Linda’s “mess”
the more curious I became. I went into my bathroom and got in the tub. I was
wearing only panties. I laid a towel in the bottom of the tub, then laid back
and closed my eyes, and tried to relive every moment of my day with Linda. I
had one hand on one of my titties, and one hand in my panties furiously rubbing
my cunny. When my orgasm hit me, I pushed for all I was worth. I started
squirting pee into my panties and felt my ass checks being forced apart as I
pushed a big poop into my panties. I had been masturbating for three years, and
I had never felt an orgasm that ever came close to what I had just experienced.
While I was coming down , I was reaching down between my legs and squishing my
poop around on my ass. Finally I managed to come to my senses enough to clean
myself up, and rinse out my panties and the towel. I would have to sneak down
in the morning and be “helpful” and do my own laundry so my mom wouldn’t have

    It was close to
midnight when I got to bed, but I dialed Linda’s cell phone and told her what I
had just done. As we talked, we were both rubbing ourselves and making plans to
take our relationship to new and nasty naughty levels the rest of the summer.

  If you leave me good feedback, I will continue this story.

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  1. That was awesome!!! Does this blooming couble like farting as well? 11/10 please continue!

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