New Girlfriend

it was a long time since I did not post a story of poo panties and today I was happy :). I had not pooped for 5 days and I began to feel my little anus become weak and I knew I had to take a little to be alone and finally be able to do my poop in a panties. It was 9:00 am when I found myself alone and I started by walking in panties to feel comfortable and suddenly I had an idea even more naughty, I decided to go poo in my panties in the bathroom of a toy store because I know that these toilets are often deserted and that I could indulge my craving naughty. I got dressed and went to the store. Arrived at the store I go for a ride to grow my desire to poop and give me excitement and after 10 min, I feel my anus open a little and instinct I put myself out of sight and dives my hand danns my panties to go and touch my anus and my poop that shows his head. I touch him and try to push him back into me so as not to spoil my pleasure in the toilet. My poop returns slowly and my little slit starts to wet, I told myself that the time has come to go poop and go to the toilet. I enter a cabin and start by undressing while keeping my panties on me, I touch my pussy gently and settle down quietly on the toilet and suddenly I hear the door of the toilet open and a person take a cabin. I stop while waiting for this person to finish, but after 10 minutes I wonder what this person could do in the small, but I heard a little noise like a small droppings falling in the water, I think that person was just constipated. But she really wanted to relieve her belly with all her poo so she began to moan and growl to push her poop, but nothing helps her she could not push that poo. It was then that I heard her sobbing and I felt bad for her, so I told her how she was and she answered me, I can not poop for 3 days and I have a stomach ache. I talk to her to help her to be comfortable and at times she tries to push her poop but nothing. I was afraid to ask if I could help her by coming to see her, but she told me to join her in her cabin, so I got dressed and went to join her. Upon entering I find myself with a girl of 18 years very cute and petite brunette, I introduced myself and I ask him to show me her little hole, she turned to show me her little anus tighten everything and seeing him I understood his pain. I asked her if I could touch her anus to help relieve her pain, she nodded and I plunged my finger to help her and I pulled a big piece of poo from her I could see her clutching pain in the cabin, but I asked her to stay calm and I was going to be quick. But from my side my poop ask to go out and would not go out without my permission, but I was not alone and I was really going to hold, so the girl turns and see me wince because my poo becomes really urgent and I tell him I have a big boogey that asks to go out and the girl tells me but you can go I wait for you, but I look at her and I tell her but I want to do in my panties and I was afraid that she finds it disgusting, but curiously she smiled and told me to push your poop in your pants, I dream to see a girl like you, so I did not hold my poop, I felt this mass out gently and I moan with pleasure in thinking of the poop that came out of my anus and I continue to lose my poop and I cut to keep a little in me and I felt better, but she asked me if I felt better and answered him yes, I see her smile and she asks me you still want to push your poop, I nod and he answers me a little because it’s been 5 days that I did not do my poop. I ask her to push as posible as possible so that I can get her gos poop and suddenly a huge poo slowly comes out of her tiny hole and she start moaning in pain and I tell her to push very hard as for a childbirth, she grows and pushes again and finally her big poop comes out and the girl feels very relieved and turns to see this big poop. She was very surprised and very excited, she asks me if she can put it in her panties and I give it to him, but I wanted to finish my poo because I wanted to play too much, so I pushed the rest from my poop, it was a very soft and hot poo, it was crackling and once finished, I asked the girl if she wanted to go to meet me. So we came out of the toilet with our poop to go home :).

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