New diaper please?

It was an average day really, I was sitting on my bed waiting for my daddy to call me ( My boyfriend) I turned a show on Netflix and tried to forget about my upset tummy, I haven’t pooped in 4 almost 5 days. I get up and go into my kitchen and get myself a glass and put a laxative in it, my daddy is expecting me to be a clean girl today but I really need to poop and I cant! So I do 4 tsb spoons into my drink and started to mix it together, I took my first drink letting out a big smelly fart from the Mexican we ate acouple nights ago. I stayed in the kitchen for a bit and kept farting for a bit knowing that daddy will be happy to smell that when he’s home^^ about 30 minutes later I was back in my room and my Daddy was finally home, he walked into my room smiling calling me out on my smelly booty. He sat on the bed with me and started to rub my belly causing me to fart, he quickly stuck his face in my ass and kept rubbing, I kept farting I needed to poop so badly, my daddy wants me on his face but I told him he can just eat my diaper when I’m done~ he lays down as I squat over his face with my diaper on and I let out one nasty fart on my daddy’s face before I started to grunt and push out my big turd. It was so hot and warm i moaned from how great it felt to get this out, then I remember I drank two cups of laxatives, the second one wasn’t that full thou. I grunted louder filling my diaper all the way, once I was done daddy told me to sit on his face. The room smelled of fresh poop and thick farts, once I sat on him I had poop flow out the sides of it onto the bed, I wiggled my butt on his face getting the smell deep. I quickly got up having to poop again “Open up daddy~” I took my diaper off and squatted above his face and let it all out it was like thick ice cream. He ate it all and cleaned me up and put a new diaper on and I pooped so much

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