Never wanted to use the toilet

Ever since I was just a little kid I have never really wanted to use the toilet and in fact when I was younger I developed a fear of using the toilet and as a result I developed a rectal fissure of which has reoccurred twice and although it was hard to deal with at first especially when I was a kid it very soon became apparent that I was more than happy with using a nappy to do my toileting business instead of using the stupid bigboy potty and I know that this may offend those people who were born with a birth defect which has made them incontinent since birth and to those people I am truly sorry if they are offended by the fact that I actually want to be totally incontinent but I have been twice before and have known that I would be happy with being unable to control my bladder and bowels and thus have to wear some kind of protective underwear for long enough now to know that its not just something I fantasize about and it’s something that I definitely want and have done so for so long that I’ve actually been looking into the possibility of having a procedure performed to render me 100% incontinent and have already been to see about having the pubic hair of my perenium lazer removed first before then having a willing partner who isn’t bothered about it and will be more than happy to help me perform the necessary steps to ensure that sufficient damage to my sphincter is carried out in such a way that it is very unlikely that it will be able to be repaired even if I wanted it to. Although it’s not at all likely for me to want that after having been sure that it’s what I have wanted since I was a kid and it’s not as if I haven’t experienced first hand what it’s like to have no control whatsoever as to if and when I go to the toilet for a long enough period of time for me to know that it’s what I want but I’m just wondering how many people here have wanted this and how they know for sure they won’t regret it? P. S if there is anyone who is offended by this then please don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll be more than grateful for your honesty on this issue.

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  1. When I was potty training I hated the idea of the “big boy potty” I liked wearing diapers as a kid and the feeling when I used them. Even for a while around the age of 4 I could control my bowels just fine just not my bladder but I would still poop in my diapers. That didn’t last long though. At 5 I I didn’t wear diapers during the day but I did wear goodnites to bed and even when I was not asleep and had full control I would still have “accidents”

  2. Hey thanks for the reply and you are the first person I to take an interest in me and I really hope you continue to do so as it will be a fairly massive help to me especially as of lately.
    Yours gratefully

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