Nervous first timer.

Hi, 18 Y/0 lad from Newcastle here.
I’ve just recently got into watching lads mess themselves, but i’m nervous about doing it myself.
Could anyone tell me what’s the best way to do it? or why i should go through with it? (like what it feels like and stuff).
If any lad was up for it, I like being ordered to do stuff so i think it would help me if someone actually forced me to do it. Like one those situations where one guy controls the others toilet usage.

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  1. I have taught many of my friends to enjoy pooping in their panties and they have all loved it so much they want to do it again and again.
    First you should choose good close fitting underpants that are going to hole a big poop inside and lot let it drop out.Choose a good washable pair of pants for wearing over them.Darker colors would be best,black does not show wet too badly.Then plan the where and when and how.I suggest you get some liquid stool softener like Lactulose,which is what I use to be sure it is going to be a soft poop,as that spreads easier and feels amazing as it spreads over my pussy.You will love that feeling of soft warm poop spreading over your balls and cock.If you feel shy do it at home first time if you have a couple of hours alone.That gives you time to enjoy it and clean up.
    Try not to poop for a couple of days then take a good dose of softener and when it starts to work and you feel a need to poop,hold it as long as you can until it forces its way out.Then let it just flow into your underpants and enjoy the feeling.Walk a bit and enjoy it spreading as you walk.Sit on a hard seat and rock to feel it spreading all over your butt and force it forward to cover your cock and balls.Spread it up over your belly and then masturbate hard and fast to feel the most amazing orgasm ever.

  2. Thought I should mention that at the first time you will be all ready to poop and you will get the thought that you should rush to the toilet instead of pooping your pants.This is just nerves and happens to a lot of first time panty poopers. The secret is to do something to take your mind off what you are about to do.Watch tv,read a book or go for a short walk outside if it is dark and your poop will not be noticed in your pants.Keep busy and hold it until you are not able to hold it any longer and then relax and enjoy your lovely accident.You will find it so exciting and stimulating.

  3. I personally prefer a nice hard lumpy load, I have done the soft but hard works best for me. Like Debbie said, have good underware on, I like loose boxer style shorts on on too, I like to poop, enjoy it for awhile, like going for a nice walk outside around the block. And then eventually I like to go and masturbate and it’s the best orgasm you’ll ever have. I would really like to try to find a girl who would let me make love to her with that load. Good luck to you. If you have the desire I know you will enjoy it

  4. For me, I’ve always found it easier for thing to be out of my control. Let it happen.

    Perhaps just keep pushing farts until you follow through.

    Or take something like a mild laxative to take things out of your hands.

    As @debbiedoespoo said, underwear as snug as you like, to contain the incident.

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