Neon ´s Revenge

okay guys this is my first fictitious story so be cool with me ( and sorry for my english mistakes)

so this is first part of the story if you want the second part let me know in the comments below

so today is the day, finally i will get my revenge said neon
with a sarcastic tone, finally this would be the day to take revenge on the bullies for making him suffer the greatest humiliation of his life.

yes and he remembers every detail. Neon was always a nice guy, he liked to have a lot of friends, (or at least believed in it) but everything changed last summer, That was the last basketball game of the season, and neon was excited, yes confident in the victory, he was one of the best players on his team. but when it was his turn to do his best set shot, the unimaginable happened, suddenly everyone was looking at him and laughing( when he realized he had literally shit in his pants, his belly was hurting a lot during the game in addition he was sweating cold throughout the game, but he believed it was just the emotion of being the last game of the season.

he was very embarrassed, he ran away without looking back he went straight to the shower, he just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

But his “friends” would make it that thing never to be forgotten, they had recorded the entire horror show and posted it on youtube, they made jokes with him, and even created a facebook page with pictures of that day.

he spent months trying to understand how this could have happened.
but it didn’t take long for him to discover the truth, after the whole Neon class was made fun of, he ran and locked himself in one of the bathroom cabins,

so Steven and Nathan went into the bathroom to pee before going to the court for another game, they had no idea what neon was there.

so Steven says, man you weren’t kidding when you said you were going to make Neon have the biggest shame of his life, both laugh a lot, and nathan says: let’s see now if the people will continue saying that he is the best player in the team.

Mr Poopy pants is not so perfect now isnt he ? I knew that that laxative was going to be a good idea.

now let’s go back to the court, the star here has to shine, so they both leave the bathroom laughing a lot. poor Neon finds out that his best friend had ruined his big day that way.

It made him even more sure that he should take revenge and it was going to be tonight at the prom.


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