My writing desk

I enjoy writing about this fetish of mine, and as I do so I sit here in the warmth of my home wearing what to the casual observer would look like a standard set of pajamas.

But the bulge around my crotch probably gives away, to any of you reading here, the diaper I like to wear as I’m writing. I’ve written two stories tonight, one longer and one shorter, and I’ve been holding on for the duration, enjoying the growing sensation of fullness in my bladder. Sitting in my desk chair, I can feel the urge growing. The need to release it, to relax and just do a wee. I would love to pull down my clothes, lean back, press my naked cunt against the cushion of the chair and piss deeply into the fabric.

I just adore the thought of pissing in places that I really shouldn’t be pissing. I have only recently allowed myself to start buying and enjoying diapers and I just love being able to sit here wearing all my clothes and secretly let a little bit of wee leak out.

I like feeling myself soaking, flooding, enjoying that I am knowingly sitting here and pissing my pants. Earlier today I went out to the shops and, as I greeted the woman on the counter and handed over my cash, I struggled to answer her questions because I was concentrating on that hot little hole between my legs. Focusing on bringing the liquid seeping to it, leaking out from me, pissing in my pants as I smiled at her and said goodbye. Feeling the urine gushing out of me as I walked away. What a delight it was.

I’ve already filled one diaper to the point of leaking this evening. I had to change out of my pants and trousers as the piss overflowed the edges of my swollen diaper. I confess, I do love it when that happens. And by the throbbing that I can feel, low down in my abdomen, I have a feeling I’m going to need clean pajamas as well a bit later on.

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