My wife lets me go have fun

I often get a real craving for piss. I love women peeing in my mouth, I love men peeing in my mouth.

My wife enjoys peeing on me and watching me gulp down her nectar, and vice versa. But she also knows there are certain things she can’t provide. For one thing, she can’t satisfy my craving for cock, especially cumming and pissing cocks.

My favorite way of getting a nice drink of pee is by having the guy’s cock in my mouth as he pees. My wife, for all she does, can’t do that! Luckily for me, when I need a pissing cock in my mouth, she encourages me to go out and satisfy my desires. And luckily for me, I have male friends who enjoy watersports.

Last night, for example, I headed over to a house where three guys live together (and basically fuck all day, whenever they’re not at work!) and they know exactly what I’m after. By the time I arrived, they had already consumed beer after beer. We stripped down (I hadn’t brought a change of clothes) and got down to it in their bathroom. When my favorite cock started peeing, I closed in and took it in my mouth. The other guys busily peed all over my body and in my hair. But I concentrated on the cock lodged in my mouth, timing my gulps in an attempt to minimize the loss of pee. I was in heaven!

When the pee flow stopped, I started sucking him off and his cock hardened rapidly. So I got a healthy dose of cum as well. We all washed up and, being the appreciative guest, I took care of mopping the bathroom floor. Then I showered. When I got to the living room, Dave (whose piss I had feasted on) was watching TV. On the sofa, Adam and Paul were fucking like crazy. I enjoyed the show. I didn’t join in as I often do. Instead I headed home, the taste of piss and cum still on my breath, and described the goings-on to my wife who was all ears. We finished the night with a long session of anal sex.

I really am a lucky guy!

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