My Wet Date

One month ago I met a girl on an Internet fetish dating site. I had listed one of my turn-ons as; women who like being naughty. One week later a woman named Jill emailed me from the website. She liked my profile and wanted to meet. On Jill’s profile she commented that when whenever the opportunity presented itself, she liked to swim in her clothes. For our first week, we sent back and forth a flurry of fun sexy emails. Jill’s email that turned me on the most, was the one where she commented; “You better watch out, because you may get more that you asked for!” I thought wow!

I immediately asked Jill out for that Friday night. We went out for dinner and dancing, within walking distance from my home. Jill turned out to be an attractive brunette standing 5′ 3” with a petite body, and a bubbly fun personality. Jill wore a sexy black backless mini tube dress. I was more casual wearing blue jeans and a long sleeved cotton shirt. We spent the evening downing beers and dancing. All we talked about was our fun and naughty old experiences. At closing there were long lines at both bathrooms. We figured to simply walk back to my place and use my bathroom.

Halfway home I needed to pee so bad I felt I was going to burst. I knew Jill felt the same because she was starting to walk that “special walk,” that women do when they are desperate to pee. Walking past a vacant house for sale, Jill noticed steam rising from what looked to be the back-yard Jacuzzi. Pulling on my arm, Jill pleaded with me to enter the side-yard gate of the vacant house. She said that she wanted to only soak her sore feet in the warm Jacuzzi water and maybe find a secluded spot to pee. The house was vacant, and I needed to pee as bad as Jill. Nervously, I could hear the muffled sounds of a neighbor talking on a phone in the next yard.

Hesitantly, I followed Jill into the back yard. Walking up to the steaming Jacuzzi, Jill kicked off her heals, sat down on the Jacuzzi edge, and then dangled her legs into the warm water. Sitting beside to her, I did the same. Warm water soaked my jeans to the knees. In the cool night air, that warm Jacuzzi water against my legs really did feel good. After several minutes, Jill slowly started to squirm. Not wanting to alarm the neighbor talking on the other side of the fence, Jill said in a whisper; “I now have to now pee so bad I can almost taste it!” I agreed that the warm Jacuzzi water was very relaxing. “I am so comfortable sitting here, I wish I did not have to get up. I feel like just letting go right here” Jill whispered, with an embarrassed look. Jokingly, I said; “So why get up?” Jill looked up, and gave me a slightly devilish smile as she leaned against my side. Slowly, I began to hear the sound of hissing. Jill’s face had the look of gratifying relief on it. The last thing I expected was that Jill would actually pee in her dress at the edge of the Jacuzzi (of a house I did not own). “This feels soooo good” Jill moaned as warm pee flooded her underwear, soaking her dress, and spilling off the Jacuzzi edge. Sitting next to Jill, I felt something warm and wet begin soak into the seat of my jeans. It was from Jill’s release.

Feeling Jill’s warm pee made me burn more to let go. I was just too nervous. I could still hear the neighbor talking next door. To make things worse, I was fully erect in tight fitting jeans. Watching my discomfort, Jill quietly said to me. “I know you need to pee too, forget the neighbor, just relax” Jill mused. “I promise not tell anyone.” Before I could say anything, Jill leaned over and whispered into my ear; “Your going to enjoy this!” Smiling, she scooped a single handful of warm Jacuzzi water and gently poured it in my lap, directly over what was now my erect shaft. That warm water felt so erotic, as it soaked threw my underwear, and seeped down into my crotch. Jill then whispered into my ear; “Doesn’t that feel gooood?” She then placed her wet hand on my crotch and gave me a light squeeze.

I had to pee so bad that I no longer cared about the neighbor catching us. I was all bound up in knots sitting there in tight jeans, with a full-on boner. Jill again whispered in my ear; “I know just how to get things flowing.” She then scooped a second hand full of warm Jacuzzi water. Slowly, she poured it over my jeans crotch that covered the head of my erect shaft. That was all it took. It starting as a trickle, and soon became a flood, as I saturated my underwear with warm wet pee. As my pressurized pee stream pushed to the surface of my jeans, Jill rested her hand on my crotch. She looked at me and smiled as my shinny warm pee spilled over her hand. When I was finally peed out Jill pushed off the Jacuzzi edge and stood up on the seat.

“I bet you feel a whole lot better now!” Jill giggled. I had never been turned on by a girl like this before. Then Jill said; “I am having so much fun, I hope you do not mind if I get a little warmer.” With that, Jill slowly squatted down and dipped her dress and crotch into the warm Jacuzzi water, then she quickly stood up again. “You have no idea how divine this feels” Jill whispered. Again and again she squatted down to dip her crotch into the warm Jacuzzi water. With each dip, she immersed herself a little deeper. Then, with a big smile she said; “Oh what the hell,” and sat down on the Jacuzzi seat beside me. Warm Jacuzzi water was now lapping at her breasts. Immediately Jill said; “I hope you have a dryer at home.” With that Jill pushed off the seat into the center of the Jacuzzi, submerging her entire body to the neck. Then she stood back up on the Jacuzzi seat. Jill’s water soaked tube dress made Jill’s body glisten in the moonlight. Steam rolled off of her water saturated dress as she strolled up to me. Walking up between my legs, Jill gave me a tight hug, pressing her warm water soaked body against mine. I felt warm Jacuzzi water soak threw the front of my shirt and inner thighs. Jill then pulled me off the Jacuzzi edge toward the deep center. Trying not to make noise, we both sank to our necks in the warm water. Embracing each other, we French kissed.

In the moonlight, we tickled each other trying not to make a sound as we soaked in the vacant house’s Jacuzzi. We could not stop giggling about the events that got us there, and how naughty we both were soaking in a stranger’s Jacuzzi fully clothed. Finally the neighbor went inside his house. Relieved, I sat next to Jill resting my hand on Jill’s inner thigh. Every few minutes I would lightly touch the crotch of her underwear. Likewise, Jill had rested her hand on my jeans crotch. I am sure she felt my throbbing shaft threw my jeans. The next thing I knew Jill was unbuttoning my jeans saying something about “letting that bad boy free.” She then straddled me sliding the tip of my shaft past her underwear and into her. Slippery and warm, Jill wiggled herself down to the bottom. French kissing, we exchanged fluids.

It was 4:00 am before we decided it was time to dry out. We walked to my home trailing Jacuzzi water behind us. I had never had so much fun. Jill is still with me today. She is a keeper.

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