My Veterans Day activities

I was at work this morning and felt like a good poop coming on. I asked my boss if I could have the rest of the day of to go to the Veteran’s parade. He said there wasn’t too much going on so he granted me the rest of the day off. I hurried and left the premises to get into on my motorcycle to head to my favorite secluded lake. The temperature was a bit cool (about 60 F). As I was nearing the lake, I could feel some poop coming out automatically without me trying. I shit about 1/3 my load in my swim trunks before I got there. I stopped the cycle and got off just as my trunks were filling up by themselves. After I was done with it automatically coming out, I pushed the rest of it out. My god, my trunks were full and there must have been 5 pounds of poop in them.
Before I went into the water, I noticed a nice plastic chair someone had donated to the site. I then got the idea to sit down in the hair and smash all the poop over my ass, dick, balls and some even crept up my middle back. I just sit there enjoying it. My dick was rock solid and I needed to masturbate to commence the feeling. I started to jack off then swished my ass around in the chair for an enhanced feeling. This caused me to shoot my wad and it felt ever so good! After that, I went out into the water and cleaned myself up and headed to the parade.
The parade was great and this evening there will be fireworks. God bless our Veterans – They give so much so that we can all be free!!!

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