My summer Job

The last couple of summers, I’ve worked for a landscaping company during my summer break from College. Our whole crew is college guys. Our uniform is black nylon shorts and a green t-shirt.

When I was first interviewed by the owner, said we’d be working outside all day, without any bathrooms around. He asked me straight-out if I would have any problem with just pissing or pooping in my shorts, whenever I had to go, while I was working. Just the question made me get hard while I was sitting there, but I tried to hide it. I stayed as calm as I could, and I answered that I’d have no trouble with that at all. Inside, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was, because I love peeing and pooping my pants whenever I can.

I guess anyone who said they weren’t comfortable going in their pants didn’t get hired, cause w all do it. Every day at every job, you can every single one of us wet our pants, if you watch long enough. The poo only shows when we wet our pants sitting down after we’ve pooped, then we stand up and it runs down our legs. But we’re landscapers and we get dirty, so the poop on our legs just looks like dirt. Nobody can ever tell.

My brother worked with me this year, and he says he never wants any other job, this is so much fun. I agree, actually.

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  1. Seems a little unbelievable but sexy to
    Imagine nonetheless 😉 I’ll be looking even more closely at every landscapers ass I see from now on though.

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