My summer holidays

This summer I went on holidays on my own. None of my friends could come with me because of work or study, but I didn’t want to give up holidays. So I booked a room for 6 days in a small hotel in a very small village, with mountains behind and the sea front, surrounded by nature and without many tourists. I had been there sometimes before, when I was a child, and I had good memories about that place.
Two nights before departure I dreamt about being alone in the small and secluded beach near the railway station. I dreamt about being there at night looking at the rough sea, with nobody around. I was wearing blue tight boxer shorts under a pair of jeans shorts, dark blue sport-socks, blue and orange flip-flops and a white T-shirt. I was sitting on the sandy ground when I immediately felt the urge to piss. So I drop down just my jeans short, I squatted and released myself, wetting all my blue tight boxer shorts, dark blue sport-socks and making a puddle in the sand. Then I lift up my jeans short and I went back to my room, with under my boxer and sport-socks still wet.
I got up in the morning with a hard-on, so I wanked myself thinking at the dream and planning to make it happen in the next days.
The first evening I was there, the weather and the seaside were like in the dream. So I dressed myself as in the dream, thinking to go to that beach make it happen. When I got there it wasn’t a desert, but there was a fisherman who was fishing. Damn! I had been holding pee from the late morning to realize the dream at night and now? I sat on the sandy ground, brusting to pee and hoping that the fisherman would go away. One hour later I was so desperate! I had just let out some little sprouts of pee in my boxers, I was near to release all uncontrollably, when the fisherman went away. Oh, it was so great! Nobody was there! So, I made it happen what I had dreamt two nights before. My boxers and sport-socks all wet with warm pee! I was so excited! I wanked myself immediately after and I cummed a lot. When I arrived at the hotel nobody could see my wetness. My wet boxers were under my dry jeans-shorts, and the the dark blue colour of my sports socks did not give to see their wetness. In the room I drop down my jeans-shorts, pissed myself another time in my still wet boxers and socks and wanked another time.
The next days I had some other pissing – wetting experiences. One day I was sunbathing alone on a rock when I felt the urge to piss. I was wearing white tight boxers. I just released my pee with my boxers on, wetting myself and the rock on where I was. Then I was excited, so I wanked myself behind a big rock and then I went to swim in the sea. Another day I was walking in the mountains near the village, then it started to rain. I didn’t wear waterproof clothing, so I was all wet. My red shirt, my white sport socks, my blue shorts, all wet. I had to piss, and I pissed in my still wet clothes.
It was a nice holiday even if I was alone.

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