My shower nozzle.

So not to long ago, I got a brilliant idea. I could get a sprayer for my shower so I could give myself an easy enema. I throw on a pair of panties and some jeans and a T-shirt. Yes, as a man I regularly wear panties. My friends think it’s cute. Any ways I go to the pet shop for a sprayer, like the ones you use for dogs. I get one and head to the check-out. The guy says “got a dog?” And I replied “no, I’m shoving it up my ass to give myself an enema.” He just laphed and thought it was a joke. Remember kids, always tell the truth. Then I was on my way home when I got the urge to pee. I held it and held it and held it. It really started to hurt. In about ten minutes I felt as if I was going to burst! I loved it and hated it at the same time. Finally the pressure was to much and I wet myself. It soaked my panties, it soaked my jeans, and it soaked the seat. It was sooooo warm! I wiggles and squished and played in my little puddle. I loved the smell to. I wished I had a master their to yell at me. I then thought why night make a mess while I’m at it? So I push and grunt at a big turd pushed it’s way out and spread between my but cheeks and my panties. I relaxed as the warmth filled my seat. The car smelled great! So finally I got home and got out, deciding to leave the car like that for a while. I then procceded the the shower where I hooked up the nozzle. I got excited and striped bare. Then I garbed some tape. I turned the water on and used the nozzle to clean off my ass, I then turned off the water and stuck it up my ass, at least a few inches deep. (I am  very loose) I then secured it with the tape and turned on the water. I got on all fours and soon my belly started to droop, I could feel the cramps, but I kept going until I could take no more. I then undid the tape and took out the nozzle. It only took a second before brown water started pouring out my ass. I cried out as it became a hose and spurted out of me with extreme force. Needless to say I didn’t get all of it out, so I got up and went to go find a diaper. That night was the first time I ever had a diaper leak because it was too full.

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