My shit week , so far !

This week started with a massive and very messy session to welcome a cute pair of Batman boxers on Sunday – I treated them to 3 loads I’d saved in skimpy white briefs, plus 2 from a diaper…climbed in and added another sloppy load, then just had to sit…it’s the law !
So after all that filthy fun, I had a marathon washing session, even the skintight jeans ( which had never been washed despite half a dozen dumps and a dozen or more wet things ! ) and Versace briefs, got squeaky clean ! And I decided to be really good and clean this week…crazy , I know !
Well it lasted a matter of hours..Monday morning, as I posted , had a massive fart at work gardening , and was amazed when I felt hot sticky soft poop filling my Polo Ralph Lauren briefs ! It felt very weird as it slopped around..but after aquicole furtive Check , réalisée it was kind of contained, so just carried on working ( like you do )
Later I heard voices, and 2 hot landscaping guys I know well, appeared to finish off their work As usual we were chatting away, and they were both farting and giggling , looking at me to see my reaction…spurred on by my smile , the chunkier lad Sean ( they are both early 20s) said ” when Callum farts it’s like a full orchestra ! ” , so amidst the laughter I said brightly ” well I had a huge fart this morning and it followed through ! ” . They both looked a bit shocked, then Sean said slowly, ” what, so you , like, shit your pants ? ” . So I turned round and showed them the stain in the back of my jeans…they both went ” Urghhhhh !” but laughed, and I thought Callum looked very interested…slim, muscly , always wearing tight ripped dirty jeans and skimpy vest showing off his sexy armpits… Would have loved to reveal my sloppy load in all it’s glory but the garden was very overlooked by neighbours , and then their boss arrived…but I will be looking out for them again !
Tuesday started by contrast with a lovely poo ball in my skimpy CK briefs, so I kept it in my pants all day..highlight today was finding 2 hot removal lads at the house where I was working, the one was 20 , black hair , slim and incredibly sexy in a black vest revealing the most luscious swirling armpit hairs EVER ! I spent some time chatting with him , he seemed unaware of the stinking poo ball between my cheeks but I think the steaming armpits smelled even stronger! Ended the day with a VERY dirty session adding more in those briefs, the rest is x-rated !!!
Yesterday went off to work in my freshly washed pristine Versace time for a shit, but felt quite uncomfortable mowing my first lawn so pushed out a fart…and hot shit pulsed into the briefs, I couldn’t do a thing about it so just kept on walking and mowing, and the shit kept on pumping out…not in one big load, but every time I thought I’d finished, I got another cramp and more came out ! I have to say it felt amazing, had no idea just what had come out so went behind the bushes for a peek, it was fairly epic and the briefs were barely holding the squishy load…felt it ooze down my legs, just as one of my customers came up the drive for a chat ! As he is very sexy I found it a huge turn-on that I was still shitting as we were talking …later I had to get cleaned up as I was going to tea with an elderly lady, was amazed how the briefs had taken on the appearance of an overflowing diaper !
Excited now to see what the rest of the week has in store ! Pics will be posted ASAP ….and the Batman boxer trashing pics tomorrow evening !

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  1. It’s so hot to be able to read the background story of your picture uploads. I look forward to future updates.

  2. Je trouve incroyable que personne ne se rend compte de tes caca impressionnants et même puants … Je ne sais pas comment tu fait pour masquer ces cacas, je suis impressionné !!!
    je suis heureux pour toi que tu puisses travailler avec des cacas aux fesses … Je ne pourrai jamais le faire … Dommage
    j’ai hâte de te relire, je t’adore !!!

  3. I discovered your story only now as sometimes I forget to check the stories section.
    Amazing! It explains your pictures so well.
    It’s nice to be able to work with a load in your pants! I guess it’s easier outdoors.

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