My second really time doing it!

Hey guys, I have loved watching others shit their pants, but I had never done it myself. I did it once before on accident, but that doesn’t count. I did it today, and it felt awesome! Here’s a description of what happened.

I put on some tight red boxers, and pushed really hard while on all fours. At first, I was kind of disappointed at how small it was. I started to smash it, push on it, and shake my ass. Then my stomach growled again, and I pushed really, really, hard and the rest of the load came out. It was like an apple inside the underwear. It was really heavy and sticky. I played with it for about 10 minutes, then cleaned up. It felt so good, and it made amazing sounds!

I plan to make more stories of either me shitting my pants, or maybe some fictional stories as well. I don’t really get time alone though, so we shall see! I don’t plan on making pictures or vids either any time soon.

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  1. Isn’t it hot when you do it!

    Try sitting with your legs crossed and lean back. The poop will load up nicely. 🙂

    Another hot thing to try is going for a walk. If you are concerned about being found out, put on a pair of dark sweatpants. Not the polyester ones; real cloth ones. You’ll be able to walk around and mess in these and no one will ever know.

    Periodically reach back and touch your load and smell your hand — you’ll get instantly hard!

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