My Safety Net?

I was on my way to a mountain lodge for a weekend trip.

I knew my friend Doug was going to drive so I put a diaper on as a joke since he had a bladder of steel and I had a moderately good bladder but usually stop once on a 4 to 5 hour trip.  This trip was right at 4 hours so I wasn’t sure if he was going to want to stop.

When Doug arrived I emptied my bladder into the toilet and we were on our way.

He had 2, 1 liter sodas and offered me one.  I told him I may have to stop and pee if I drink it all which I always have a tendency to consume any beverage in full whether I’m thirsty or not.  It’s just something I always did.  He told me to let him know if I need to stop to pee and he will find a place to stop and let me relieve my bladder.

I thought well I guess this diaper wasn’t needed after all but I just kept it a secret and was discreet about it.

About 2 and a half hours into the trip I had consumed the whole liter of soda and my bladder was filling up fast.  I took Doug’s advice and told him I need you to find a place for me to pull over and my bladder was filling up fast so it needed to be quick.

To my dismay we traveled about 30 miles more until we found a place.  My bladder was hurting bad and I knew I was about to wet my diaper any minute.

As we pull in to the gas station to my surprise the door was locked and someone in there yelled back I’ll be out in a minute.  I knew I did not have a minute, as Doug was browsing the store I was at the bathroom door holding my dick through my diaper.  Just when I heard the guy flush the toilet my bladder started to give way and all my bladder contents went into the diaper.

The diaper held all the pee that came out and when the guy finally exited the bathroom I walked in and took my wet diaper off.

I dried my dick and crotch off with paper towels and put my pants back on and left the bathroom.

As mentioned above the diaper was suppose to be a joke, to my advantage it turned out to be a safety net.

Doug never knew what happened all he thinks is I went in and peed.  He never knew I peed before I even got into the bathroom.

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  2. You are damn lucky you had that one on. I never plan for these unexpected and unplanned accidents. Its been a few years since accidentally soaking myself. Did it once at 18 and again at 22. I guess its been 15 years now.

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