My Revenge

So I was in kindergarten and I had a horrible teacher. My friends and I and we had to stop her. I had something gross in mind… So in the middle of class I stood up on top of my desk and pulled my pants down. And released a GIANT EXTREMELY wet fart that lasted for like 20 seconds! Then we heard squishing sounds and I had extremely bad diarrhea. There was a giant brown stain on my undies. I had continued farting and another load of diarrhea fell in my pants. I didn’t care because this is what my teacher gets. I had farted a another wet fart and a another giant load of diarrhea filled my undies. The day before I had ate lots of fruits and veggies. (Mostly Tomato and Lettuce) The entire back of my undies was a giant brown stain I then peed and jumped on my teacher’s desk and released a giant wet fart in her face. I then proceeded to smash the poop up against my butt and make squishing sounds with it. Then I shook my butt in front of her face and farted again. And the best thing… I didn’t get in trouble!

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