My Public Embarrasment

This is the story of the first time I pooped in public. It was about three weeks ago and I put on some child’s underwear ( I had been dated to wear only child’s underwear for a week). I then had on some tight, white mini shorts, trainers, a padded bra and a crop top. I wasn’t that worried because I had pooped recently so this would be small. I left the house and headed to the river. I started walking along it and was ten minutes from home when I started getting cramps- bad cramps. This shocked me, instead of the small poo thought was waiting there was actually a huge load waiting to burst out. I crossed my legs and started moving back home as fast as I could with a massive load waiting to burst out. No way was I doing such a large poo in public -yet! I took a shortcut through some woods and things were starting to look good. Then, I tripped on a root. It surprised me and I unclenched my muscles for a second- that was enough. The poop started flowing into my little pants and even worse I was pissing to. After a few seconds I got control over myself and stood up with lots of poop left. I looked down. My jeans had lines of pee running down then and a dripping crotch. Turning round, I saw a huge bulge and a very brown seat in my jeans. It was very stinky too. I made it back home and headed upstairs while stripping to my panties to get ready for the toilet. I made it to my bedroom, the toilet was there but I thought “Why not?” I opened my bedroom door and stepped inside. I hobbled to my bed in my shitty child’s pants. Pulled back the covers and lay down. I unclench end and immediately a load of mushy poo flowed out of my ass. My tiny panties were already very full and it started escaping through the edges. I released a strong spurt of diarhea that spurted up my back and mixed with my hair. After thirty seconds of pissing and pooping I heard a rip before my pants split. I pulled them off and continued to poop and pee while rubbing the pants against my breast. After 1 min 30secs I stopped. I then masturbated- forcing my fingers into my shitty cunt and masturbated to climax. Once done I scooped up some poop, dropped it on my pillow and placed my head in it for the night. I slept in my own mess that night smiling at my dreams of panty pooping…

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  1. Mmmm, Can’t wait to see the movie. Or a picture of you in bed. Or met you in the woods or giving a helping hand in your crotch next time

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