My Pooping History

As the years went by, I did not really poop myself on purpose until I was in the work force, except on one occasion, on the bus, coming home from school, when I did a soft runny poo on the bus. I walked home from the bus stop crying with embarrassment.
Even when I served in the forces, I did not fill my pants.
I think I really started when I was about 45 and working in a rural area, looking after plantations, when I was mostly alone. I used to have a trailer with a water tank, to spray the trees and as I was alone all day, I started to poop my “Special” shorts and clean up with the water from the tank. There were a few times when the boss drove round, inspecting the plantation and on one occasion, I had a big load in my pants and as the boss drove up to see how I was going, I made sure that I was facing him all the time, so that he did not notice the big bulge in my pants. I enjoyed my rural activities until I retired.
Now, in my retirement, I find that I have a few weekends with the house to myself, when I plan to have major dumps and spend a few hours enjoying my load as I work around the house and garden. Sometimes, if I have an hour to myself, I will do a quick poop and clean-up.
I still enjoy planning my next pants-filling and even enjoy the occasional smear when lying on the bed.
I also spend a lot of time on this website, getting fresh ideas.

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  1. Wow, starting at 45 you certainly missed a long time of enjoyment. I started at age 17 and today I’m 64. I poop, pee, and cum in my swim trunks that I wear 24/7. I’ve gone thru underwear at first then switched to swim trunks. I find them to be much more softer for masturbating in and the fine mesh keeps most of the poop in the pants. The legs are tight with spandex so that prevents leakage unless I over fill the trunks. I had one pair of trunks that seen a lot of action over a 7 year span – shitting, pissing & jacking off in them almost every week at least once. Finally, they wore out and I was sorry to see the go. I cut the fine mesh liner out of them and sewed it into a pair of shorts. But that didn’t last long and shorty it was ready to be trashed. I went looking hard and far for some replacement trunks but could not find any with the real fine nylon mesh like the old ones. I looked on line and was not able to find what I was looking for. One day while doing something on my computer, a pop-up came up and showed me an Italian mfg. company that had nice black swim trunks. As I read the description, it sounded exactly what I wanted so I wanted them to fit tight around me so I ordered 2 sizes smaller. When I received them, I was amazed how soft they were and put them on and immediately masturbated in them. Oh, how soft they were around my dick. They were indeed tight and the very next day, I initiated them into the poop world. As I shit, the poop would curl around my ass, balls and dick and they filled up fast. It felt so good. I couldn’t wait to get to the lake to go swimming with my new trunks completely full.
    They were totally awesome. Since then, I’ve gone thru 3 pairs of these trunks (rather expensive) and just a week ago I ordered a pair of speedo trunks to try. They should be just as good but I’m wondering if the front where my dick lays will be just as soft for masturbating since I always do it in my trunks. I also want to try a ladies one piece full swim suit to see if I can do multiple poops in them without losing it. I’d like to keep it in my in the ass portion of the suit from Friday afternoon thru Sunday evening. My trunks lose the poop once water gets to it and within a few hours it is basically gone, washing out thru the leg openings and fine mesh.

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