My poo story

I seem to have had a dormant interest in shit. As a youngster, I enjoyed rubbing my finger down my bottom crack and then smelling it. I used to fantasize about doing this to other boys – I must have been gay at a very early age. Then it disappeared off the radar for many years. In the last ten years though, the fascination has grown and now I have a bit of a love hate relationship with the brown matter.

It started when I discovered some videos on youtube of guys having a poo. I decided to join in and videoed myself pooping to put online. First the defecations were straightforward, just different positions. Then I started experimenting: outdoors, in public toilets, through tubes and into clingfilm. I loved the comments that I got and that encouraged me to go further. I started smearing the shit on my buttocks, my cock and balls and then all over my body. I also tried eating it although I find the taste very hard to take. I performed about four poos live on cam for various people who wanted to watch.

About four years ago, a straight guy on a scat site who lived near me asked me if I’d shit in my pants a bit and then meet up for him to smell them. I duly smeared my pants after going to the toilet and met up with him in some woods near where he lived. He took my pants and started to smell them whilst wanking furiously. The idea was for me to poop for him but he was so up for it he came almost immediately and then rushed off.

A few weeks later, I met a young guy who I’d been chatting with online. He said he enjoyed scat so we arranged a meeting. He was a lovely slim lad and I first enjoyed fucking him before we climbed on the bed for the scat. He claimed he couldn’t go. I’d worried about this too, getting very constipated when I know I have to go, such as if I’m catching a plane. However, I’d been storing up a load all day – the meeting I was at in the morning was pure agony as I fought to keep my bowels from opening. So once on top of him, kneeling away from him so he could see the poo come out of my bottom, there wasn’t an issue. It felt strange letting my squidgy turds fall onto his chest and know he was watching my anus open to expel them, whilst facing the other way. Once I’d finished though, I turned around and there was a lovely smelly pile of poo on his tummy. I lay on top of him and we rubbed our bodies in my excrement until we both came. I met him again with the intention that he did the shitting this time but again he said he was having problems, so I managed to force something our for us to rollick in.

I was also looking for someone to shot on me. Years ago, a lad in Birmingham had offered when I’d expressed an interest, but his first bit of poo was a funny green colour and that did for me. Last year, I thought I’d found a guy in Newark because he was interested in trying scat, however, it turned out to be me doing it again, which was great in itself. We covered our lower halves in my shit the first time, and then, whilst I showered and dressed, he cleared up the mess, totally covered in my shot still. I nearly came again. We did it a second time and then I found a guy in Nottingham who promised me he’d take a shit on me. I spent some time beforehand giving his hole a really good rimming and then he was hovering over me, his anus was opening, and a nice long string of poo came tumbling down onto my tummy before he gently rubbed it over me. And that is where I am now. I’d love to find young guy who would engage with me, an older gay man, in some mutual scat play with us both producing the raw materials. Here’s hoping.

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  1. Hey love the story babe, I would love nothing more than to shit on your chest and the sit on it. Then you can open up your ass and let loose right in my mouth, I’m not a shy guy so lets get it on !!!! Keep up the good stories baby, and skype me floursintheattic thats my id hugs and love the story !!!

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