My piss fetish is in it’s developmental stage and derives from my foreskin fetish. When it comes to have sexual sessions with men, I only engage in sex that is nasty, dirty, raunchy, and sometimes filthy or not at all! When it comes to watersports I’m into all forms of play depending on the guy I’m with at the time and his limits and needs.


YET, my fetish I received the greatest amount of pleasure when sucking a guy’s dick and he pisses directly in my mouth and down my throat. I don’t mind being pissed on but isnt really a turn on. It works best for me when sucking a dirty smelly dick; specially a uncut one. Not knowing if and when my partner decides to give me cum and/or piss to swallow.


I say I’m in the developmental phase because at the moment I have experience accepting a guy’s piss in my mouth when given in small squirts and need to find a like minded mate/mates to practice taking it full bore. I swallow clear piss like a pro, light yellow working my way up to swallowing the bitterest of yellow.


It turns me on because it’s a nasty/dirty thing to do. It excites that inner primal/tribal/animal nature I have to want to be dirty and filthy at play. I’m in my element when swallowing piss from a guy with B.O. and smelly unwashed dick.


It’s also a big turn when a guy is sucking my dick and able to swallow my piss. To me, it feels almost as good or better than giving him a load of cum to swallow

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