my older brother’s fetish (pt 4)

After our first couple of encounters my older brother and I got a good routine going. Some nights we’d just face fart while watching TV, with one of us pants-down across the couch and the other inhaling the rips. Then we’d swap places. When we we’re feeling naughtier one of us would say “wanna go to my room?” and we’d do synchronized pants poops. My older bro’s ass is smaller and tighter because he’s skinnier and mine’s chubbier, the contrast when we’re next to each other while pooping is hot. We’d stand or kneel very close together, pull our pants down and say “3…2…1!” and let our loads out, then feel each other’s backsides and jerk off onto each other’s messy butts.

having a poop buddy is something i’ve always dreamed of, but we started to get really attracted to each other and both wanted more. one night recently he said he wanted to do other stuff, i said “like what?”wanting to tease him a bit.He just blushed. “the stuff you do with your boyfriends, you know?” i pulled my pants and undies down, lay across the bed and spanked myself. “Go ahead, it’s yours” I said. “Really? You’ll … let me do that?” he said, very obviously hard. “You’ve seen what comes out of there, why not really feel it?”

He didn’t hesitate to take his pants and undies off. He went down on my ass and this time was kinda different because he wasnt just sniffing farts, he was getting ready to really feel little bro’s poop chute. I gave him some lube… he was new to this.. and he assumed the position, entering me slowly doggystyle. It had been a while and feeling big bro’s hands on my ass going into me was heaven. “What’dya think?” I asked, “you liking little bro’s butt?” “God..damn” he muttered, obviously loving it and getting into it. That egged him on to start fucking harder. Of course it was ‘that time,’ and i had some poop up there for him, and as he fucked my poopy chute it wasn’t long before the smell of his little bro’s poop filled the room, and I felt it on my ass as he went in and out. “You’re a really messy boy you know that?” he teased. Of course we’re adults but I loves when he teases me like that during our poop sessions, making me feel like i am just his bratty naughty little bro. “Messy… little… ughhhhhhhhh god!” He came inside me and lay across my back, and feeling the weight of him on me, and inside me, and smelling all our smells… was enough to make me cum not long after. He put his hand on my head as I came, still on top of me, and i felt warm and protected by big bro.

“That was amazing dude” he said, then pulled out to observe the poopy mess on my butt and on his dick from our fuck. “was it fun for you?” he asked. “sure was, poop buddy” i joked, my ass still feeling tingly and full. “you like what i left in there for you?” I said. He just tousled my hair and pulled off and we cleaned up in the shower like usual.

to be continued

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  1. Ahhhhhhhh yes there is more to come and I can’t wait for part 5. Thank you for sharing your story with us and love goes out to you poopy Lil guy 😘

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