my older brother’s fetish (pt 3)

after my first encounter with my older brother i thought things would be awkward between us but they weren’t really.. We didn’t talk much the next day but in the evening my older bro saw my door open and said “hey you wanna help me out again?” He didn’t need to explain. I pulled down my pants, as well as my underwear this time, lay across my bed and he put his face into my naked ass and humped the bed while I farted. Having someone’s face in my ass was always a turn on. He was really into my butt and I think he was interested in more than just my poop and farts lol. “You have no idea how cool it is that you’re into this too” he said after he came in his undies, after only a few farts.

I then told him I wanted to try something. I knew he didn’t take a crap that day, i was holding in mine too, and said “poop your undies in front of me?” His eyes lit up and he gave me a devious grin, then got up. I sat on the edge of my bed and guided his backside towards my face. “You ready little bro?” he said, and i gave him a light spank. he then squeezed one out. it was a big load and stunk up the room almost immediately. i was fascinated by it, rubbing it and feeling it against his butt. “You gonna jerk off again?” he said, but i told him i had another idea. I gently pulled down his briefs and mine too, revealing our erect dicks. He was a little puzzled but I took him by the shoulder, told him to sit down on the bed and “watch this”. I then put his poopy undies on, his cum still in the front and a nice baseball poop in the rear. “oooooooohhhhhhhh god” I moaned as i put them on and felt the warmth of big bro’s poop. I turned around and unloaded a turd of my own in front of his face, making a double dump in his undies. “now it smells like two asses again” he joked as he felt up my doubly poopy undies clad butt, and started inhaling. “you perv!” i joked as he held his face in my butt. i wanted to do more with him but i came in the undies, making a double load in the front too. having both our poops against my ass was just too hot.

usually i dont like to be messy for too long so we went into teh shower together and cleaned up. that was the first time we really saw each other fully naked beyond sneaking peaks, and felt each other up as we cleaned. the poop stuff was one thing , it was a fetish, but this other stuff seemed… more affectionate .

more to come!

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  1. Yeah that’s what I thought you certainly did yourself proud here dude. Now I am going to read part 4 and I will have to take my time with it as I am getting pretty aroused with all this awesome poopy talk so see you in part 4 comments 😘

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