my older brother’s fetish (pt 2)

So to continue from part 1… I came on my brother’s ass almost as soon as he lay across his bed, still in his briefs, the smell of his farts wafting in from the living area of our apartment. I always thought he wore the sexiest underwear. Right after that I got up, put my undies and pants back on, feeling nervous about what was gonna happen next after just having this encounter with my brother. But I was also so excited that I had someone to share my fetish with.

“You still have some farts? How about you return the favor?” he asked. OF course I wanted to. “This is gonna be a really smelly apartment after” I joked, trying to keep the situation light. He got up off the bed with his undies still on. I didn’t hesitate and dropped my pants there in his room. I was wearing grey fruit of the loom boxer briefs. He knelt down and put his face straight into my chubby ass. I had to poop so it didn’t take long for me to start farting again. They were squeaky ones. I could hear from his sighs that he was loving the poopy smells from his little bro’s ass. “Damn dude, you must really have to take a dump now” he said. “You like doing it in your pants, right buddy?” I guess he must have seen my browsing history or a dirty pair of undies at some point growing up. “I think you know the answer to that” I said, and started to unload with his face still close to my ass, him still kneeling down. It was a perfect poop for big bro to experience: it came out crackly and firm, with a few mid-poop farts. The room was soon completely overtaken by the smell of poop. I wiggled the poopy undies in his face after I was done and he inhaled the smell. “You like little bro’s poop?” I said, and he just groaned, ecstatic. I gently grabbed the back of his head and guided his face into my mess. I Was still horny as ever and asked if he could do to me what I did to him. I lay on his bed on my stomach, still wearing my poopy undies, and when he climbed on he jerked off onto them.

That was the end of our first encounter and we’ve been doing more since.

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  1. Hey dude me again. Part 2 is even hotter and I am going to guess that part 3 won’t let me down 😉

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