my older brother’s fetish (part 5)

So after having sex for the first time it became kind of a regular thing for older bro and i. I dont know if hes been with another guy before so it’s been cool to let him fuck my fat butt whenever he wants during our farty poopy fun.

The second time it happened again was a few days later. i was lying on the couch, butt in air and releasing some very smelly pre-poop farts, when older bro came to inspect. he pulled down my pants and underwear and we started our usual face fart routine, when i told him we should try again, looking at the lube i placed on the table heheh. As with all the times before he knew what i meant. He lubed up and pushed into my chubby ass like a pro, right there on the couch. he was so hard and i was too. Soon enough his dick got very poopy and the room very smelly. “Bet you cant cum before me” he teased, and released a huge load up my big poopchute. He was right, i was so hard and wnated to cum so bad but he beat me to it. Right after he pulled out he took my dick in his mouth, without prompting, and i was surprised but really happy he was into that. He swallowed my load like a champ and we took a shower together. it was hot playing with his dick in the shower knowing where he just put it a few minutes before.

We fucked again the next day, when he went out for a bit and i was really horny. i knew he’d be coming back soon from a walk so i pulled the trigger on that evening’s fun by pushing a big load into my boxer briefs (his favorite pair : D). He came home and i was just doing dishes nonchalantly in my loaded pants, my heart racing, hoping he’d notice. “Phew, someone stinks!” he said, and started rubbing my ass. “You’ve been a bad boy haven’t you? I oughta leave you alone more often” he said, gently pulling my sweatpants down to reveal the pooped undies. I blushed. “And bad boys need to be punished” he then said in a low groan. He was pulling back the elastic of my boxer briefs to inspect the load. So hot. “What’re ya gonna do big bro?” I teased. He pulled down my poopy undies to my ankles, leaving me standing in just a t-shirt, my messy pants and undies around my ankles. he pulled his pants and briefs down too. I guess wearing his favorite pair got him going lol, cuz his dick was rock hard. He pressed his dick right into my messy butthole, just stabbed right into the poop. I was surprised and turned on by how aggressive he was, really wanting some post-poop sex. I bent over the sink and he started pushing into his little brother’s big messy butt. The room was silent but for our grunts and the messy, sloppy noises of his thoroughly pooped-on dick colliding in and out of my ass. He came pretty fast and so did i, followed by some making out (which we hadnt done before).

“You don’t know how long i’ve wanted to do that” older bro said as he broke our make-out, basically saying what i was thinking! “And… that?” i asked teasingly, holding his poopy dick. He chuckled and we made out some more before cleaning up.

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