My old friend

It is about scat, piss and cheesy dick

A very dirty story (sorry about the spelling mistakes for I am Dutch)


My Old Friend

Until I became 15 years old, I lived in a small town.  Then we moved to another town. I did not liked it because I just met an older guy, about 45 years old and ever since I knew I was gay, I let him seduce me. We went in a dark dead walking alley where he took my already half hard dick out of my pants and started to suck on it. I was afraid the he would become angry for I had not washed my dick for more than a week because I like the smell of it when I shove my foreskin backwards. I already wanted to make my apologies when he suddenly said that I had a very nice tasting dick and that he wanted to lick my ass to hoping that it was dirty as well. I bent over and without hesitation he entered his tongue deep in my  ass and was flipping it in and out while his was moaning from pleasure. At the moment I felt everything was very clean I tuned away and told him that it was my turn to lick and suck. He took his pants of and I directly became overwhelmed by the smell that came of. I went on my knees and took his already hard dick in my mouth. Wow, this was the strongest taste I ever had in my mouth. I recognized the taste of old piss, cum and even shit. He must have fucked someone in the ass before who wasn’t clean. It took some time before the taste was gone and disappeared in my stomach. Now I let him turn around and bent over and to my surprise he had not wipe his ass since the last time he took a shit. With my tongue I felt soft fresh shit and after I licked that away I felt old and crusty shit. It took a while to lick that away. Then we went in 69 position and blew each other until we came almost together, swallowing our cum. Then we said until next time and left. Before I could meet him again we were already relocated to the other town.


About 20 years later I had to do business nearby my old town and after the work was done I decided to visit my old town. Of course I also went to the alley where I had my first heavy sex experience. Halfway in the alley the place began to smell like old piss and shit, so I think it was used as a public toilet. The further I walked the smell became overwhelming and I started the get a hard one, but before that I had to take a leak and moved quick to the end of the alley. I saw something on the ground but could not recognize what it was. I quickly unzipped, took my dick out and started to piss. Then I saw that ‘something’ on the ground started to move and heard a voice saying what the fuck I was doing. By now I saw it was a man and the way he looked convinced me he was a hustler. He stood up, we looked each other in the eyes and recognized each other. It was my old sex buddy. We started smiling and asked each other how we were doing. I told him that whenever I could not sleep in the past 20 years, I always was fantasizing that we met again and do the same thing or even worse. He told me that had done good business but the last 5 years everything went wrong until he lost everything and became a hustler. Most of the time he lived in this alley and was sometimes abused by young guys who just pissed on him and although he shouted to the boys to stop, he never meant it but enjoyed the pissing. So I asked him if he is still in to dirty sex. With a big smile he said yes and for me that was the reason to sank on my knees, took his dick out of his pants and started to suck on the most dirtiest dick I ever tasted. I even almost came spontaneous in my pants. I took his pants of and saw that his underpants were almost gone from age. The front was brownish yellow and the back was covered with almost one centimeter of shit. By now I was very curious how his ass  looked like so I turned him around and saw that his ass was covered with a thick amount of old and fresh shit. I felt like heaven, buried my face in his ass and started to eat his delicious shit. He was moaning and told me that he had not this pleasure for many years. A moment later I did not feel very comfortable and asked him to go with me to the nearest motel and so we did.

I checked in while he was waiting outside. We went in to the motel room, locked the door and closed the curtains. Because I knew it was going to be very filthy, we directly went to the bathroom and undressed ourselves. I picked up his underwear and brought it to my nose to smell the filthy odor.                     I told him I was going to buy him a knew one because I wanted to keep his as a souvenir. He just smiled and said okay. Now I took his dick again in my mouth and started to suck him again. Unfortunately  I did my job in the alley to well and to get a good dirty taste I asked him to piss in my mouth and he said that he had already not pissed for a while so his bladder was full. He then pissed in my mouth but it was to much to swallow so I took his dick out for a moment but the pissing kept on. My face and body became soaked witch I enjoyed to. After he was done he told me that he had to shit very bad so I turned him around and I pushed my open mouth to his ass telling him to shit slowly. I pushed my tongue deep in his ass and felt the tip of a firm turd. He started pushing his turd over my tongue in to my mouth. At the moment I had almost a mouth full I asked him to stop for a moment so I could chew and swallow his filthy shit. He turned around to see how I was consuming his shit and asked me to open my mouth. He then shoved his dick inside to fuck in his own shit, meanwhile pushing his shit down my throat. He turned around to do the same thing again and again until he said that the rest would be very soft, maybe almost diarrhea. I laid down on the floor with my mouth wide open and he brought his ass just above my face. He started to push again but what came out was not soft, it was pure diarrhea. It not only came in my mouth but also on my entire face. What came in my mouth I could drink and with pleasure. He now moved his ass above my dick and shit covered it to. After he was finished he went on his knees, took my dick in his mouth and started to suck his own shit from my dick. He stood up and went to the toilet to sit on it meanwhile saying that it was his turn to collect my piss and shit. I stuck my dick in his mouth and started to piss. To my surprise he could swallow that fast that he did not lose a drop. After I was finished I turned around and bent over. He buried his face in my ass and I started to fill his mouth with my shit. As hungry as the pour guy was, he ate it all.  After that I sank my ass over his dick and as soon his dick was in my bowels I started to ride him. It did not take long until I felt him cumming in my ass. His now softening dick flopped out so I turned around to suck the shit cum mix from his dick and lap. He told me that it was his time to piss fill my mouth which I gladly accepted. His piss tasted awfully strong but just the way I liked it.  Now it was my turn to fuck his ass and I did but it took only a few strokes and I already came like I never did before. Of course after I was finished he cleaned my dick with his mouth. As a favor in return I sucked my own cum mixed with his shit out of his ass. Together we decided to clean the bathroom floor with our mouth and tongue. Then we took a shower, went in to the living and shared a bottle of whiskey. Although we had eaten a lot of shit I ordered the motel keeper for some food and asked my friend to stay overnight, which proposal he gladly accepted. During the night I had to pee and because my friend was sleeping I went to the bathroom and saw we forgot to clean the toilet. I pissed on the shit stripes but not everything came of so I finished the cleaning job by licking it clean.

Next morning I told him I was still single and invited him to come to my place and live there but he told me he got used to his hustler life and would miss the on him pissing boys but whenever I came in the neighborhood he would gladly be there for me and do the same sessions. As I promised I bought him new underpants and took the dirty old one back home as a souvenir.     


Author: Koos Intoall


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