My Old Buddy Dave

*This is a story I had on another website and I decided to move it here*

Spring break was over, I had just arrived from the airport and not many people were in my dorm. I was started to feel all of the food I had stuffed my face with while I went to see my folks want out. As I was on my way to restroom that was on my floor. I saw my friend David walk in with fast food he picked up. I decided to hold it as one my favorite things to do was to time my dumps so that I could dump along side David. Well he finished everything he had, and we talked for a while. I made up some reason, to head back to my room as we hadn’t got close enough to the point where we could talk about our dumps. So I entered the restroom disappointed and took the handicap stall and let out a solid 10 incher, when I hear the restroom door open. He called out asking, “Hey Brad is that you?” I replied, “Yup”. So he proceeds to take the stall next to me as our RA had designated those two stalls as the “poop stalls”. Well David lets out a fart and then apologizes saying, “I am so sorry I should have gone to different restroom as this is about to be bad.” I told him, “Dude I don’t care this is a restroom besides I’ve already made this place smell horrible.” He agrees, then proceeds to grunt and explode with horribly loose crap. I let out a few loose turds myself. Now at this point I really want to stay and enjoy the rest of his dump, but I know it would seem suspicious and Dave isn’t gay or the least bit interested in men. So I wipe up as slowly as I can hoping to hear some more. Dave only let out a few plops and said, “You just about done?” I said, “Yeah” and proceed to wash my hands. He let out a few more farts and then I left. Dave and I ended up rooming together a few years later and we both destroyed our toilet and honestly I don’t know how it never clogged.

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