My New Girlfriend

Basically I have started going out with a girl. She has shoulder length black hair, brown eyes. C-cup breasts and a nice body. She is also shaved. She knows about my fetishes but she doesn’t share them so I asked her if I could try and get her into poop/pee and she said ok so please pm me advice.

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  1. the fact that you found a girlfriend that is willing to participate is one milestone more than me, I have been looking all my life for a girl who would poop her panties for me and watch me do it and then have sex. my advice is to keep her

  2. Jenny shes a keeper baby. Starting her off light with a little peeing is good. Did you have sex with her after she peed her pants ? Don’t rush it, nice and slow massage her crotch, let her know you enjoyed it, and work your way to undressing her, and if you’re a trooper like me you will go down on her pee and all. That will turn her on and encourage her to pee herself more often. Try it out let me know how it works and best of luck darling, keep that girl !!!!

  3. It’s going very well, she peed herself again last night and I fingered her ass and pussy straight after before going down on her and she loved it!

  4. Update:
    OMG she finally let me piss on her last night and she pissed on me. It was amazing. We spent the rest of the night having fun.

  5. Sounds like things are going well. Obviously, the poop action should wait until she feels fully comfortable. If you have videos or pictures, you could see if she’d be interested in seeing them to help get a feel for what she’s eventually getting into. Other ways are to let her watch you in the bathroom, and hope she’ll return the favor soon enough. Still, it seems she’s coming along nicely.

  6. I did it years ago with my girlfriend while I was fuckin’ her with my swim trunks on. I wanted her to do it too in her bikini bottoms but she wouldn’t do it. She didn’t mind me doing it but she would never do it, so I did it myself and every time I filled my pants, I would shoot my cum up her pussy with a heightened feeling as it shot off. You are lucky if she could join you. I tried recently to get my new girlfriend to join me, but so far (as I’ve done it about 5 times with her) she still won’t do it. I’m thinking of getting her drunk and maybe that will work for her. Once she does it and finds out how nice it feels and how enhanced her climax is, she’ll probably want to do it often! Anyway, good luck to you.

  7. One more thing I might let you know about, I have pissed up my new girlfriend’s pussy right after I fucked her. My nice warm piss runs out her pussy and down all over my balls and as soon as I’m done, she pisses while my dick is still in her, and it too runs down all over my balls. Try it – it too is a real nice feeling while your dick is in her with her on top and you on the bottom.

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