My New Desires.

A Cock in the behind.
For some time now I have been interested in cock. I started looking on line at cocks and wet panties. I love seeing both men and women in panties. Nylon panties are my favorites with ruffled panties as a second. I love seeing both wet panties and panties with hard cocks in them. I have been wearing panties now for the last 3 years either over my diaper or alone at night.

Recently I watched a porn video of a cock in panties both being wet then cum in. The stroking of the cock through the panties was wonderful. I was stoking myself as I watch the big cock getting stroked. When it spurted cum, I came in my panties. I also was very much turned by the bum holes being shown wide open. I got hard thinking of putting my stiff cock into one of the wet bum holes. What a rush that would be.

I have a fantasy now of being diapered and also wearing crotch less pantyhose. I poo my diaper then have it removed and my butt hole is then fingered. With the crotch less pantyhose, my bum is very open and ready for use. I want to have my bum felt and rubbed. After being fingered several times, I am ready for the real thing. I want a smooth hard cock rubbing my butt hole entrance. I want to feel a cock in my opening. Then a big stiff cock finds the entrance to my rear.

All of a sudden it is going up my butt. The owner wriggles his cock up my butt all the way until his balls hit the wall. He is in me balls to the wall. He then slowly pulls out and goes back in again. He does me hard and hot until he has to cum in my butt. Stroking my butt has caused a massive build up and now he needs to release in me. He strokes my ass hard until his cum empties in me. As he pulls out, my butt oozes out cum. I am totally fucked in the ass. What a wonderful feeling it is. I am ready for another round right away. Oh it feels so good to be butt fucked. I want another big one up my behind again and again.

I am now wearing crotch less panties for some easy access and I am ready for it. Ohhhhhhhhhh Ummmmmm.

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