My naughty morning last spring.

I knew that I would have the house to myself the next morning so I decided to have some fun. Before going to sleep I drank alot of water. I knew I would sleep threw the night because I had been up early for the past week. And to make shure I would sleep all night I put on a adult pull up. When I have one on I will not wake up to pee. Shure enough I slept threw the night and when I woke up my pull up was just a little wet. Instead of making a break for the toilet I just casually went about my morning routine. I took off the pull up but just put on regular panties. I had to go so bad but decided to hold it.

 I got dressed (squirming the whole time) and made my breakfast. I had to sit on my foot to eat but I made it threw with only a few little leaks. I knew I was getting to the point where if I was going to use the toilet I would have to run but I still went about my morning. I had to stop and put my hand in my crotch to stop the flow. I couldn’t walk with out leaking.

Finally I couldn’t hold it anymore and started wetting and couldn’t stop. I got in to my head that I wanted to pretend that I was a little girl and with my hands in my crotch I ran for the “potty” peeing the whole way. I got in front of the toilet and couldn’t get my pants down. I finished wetting right in front of the toilet. I made a puddle and had little drips all the way across the bathroom.


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  1. That was such a beautiful story, so exciting and arousing. Thanks for sharing that pleasure with us.

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