My messy afternoon

I was out cutting wood today when I felt the urge to piss. I was debating with myself if I should go in the house to use the bathroom or not. While I was doing that, I continued to cut wood for my fire later tonite.  The urge to piss was growing stronge,but I kept cutting my wood anyway. I was getting really desperate to piss, but I kept cutting more wood. Finally I decided to stay where I was at and just go in my pants. I continued to get more desperate to piss,so finally the urge was too great and I just pissed myself. My girlfriend came out with some cold water as i finished pissing my pants. She.stayed with me for a bit, but hadn’t reallize I had pissed my pants. She just thought  that I was sweating too much and didn’t say anything to me.  Finally she went into the house.  I continued to cut more wood when another urge hit me.  I needed to shit.  With that urge growing in my ass,  I just said to myself, the hell with it and just shit my pants. What a relief it was to get that out. I just finished shitting myself when the girlfriend came back and told me to take a break. I said ok and sat there with her with shit in my pants. When I sat down, I could feel the shit flatten against my ass and my underwear.  I sat there in my own shitty pants for a while before I finally went into the house to get cleaned up. 

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