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I work two jobs. One of those jobs it is required to hold our pee for a very long time. I havent worked there very long and I have witnessed two different girls really desperate to pee. There was one girl that I intentionally messed with just because  I hoped she would wet herself. It was the first time I was sexually interested in a girl wetting herself. She was wearing tight khaki pants that showed every inch of her body. I got there at around 5:45 pm. She was jumping up and down. She whispers to me that she really needs to pee as she crosses her legs. Throughout the next hour I keep an eye on her. One time she crosses her legs and grabs her crotch. She jumps up and down while grabbing herself. She asks me to cover her spot. The boss yells at me to do something else. That poor girl kept bouncingand holding  herself for at least an hour. Eventually she became so desperate she grabs me and forces me to take her sopt. I really wish she wet herself. The people I work with keep making pants wetting jokes that it must have happened before. I will my best to make a good story happen! 

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  1. i warn u if u try to make a story happen u probably will get fired. so i hope u just let it naturally happen

  2. I hope the poor girl made it to the bathroom.
    It’s illegal to deny an employee the right to use the bathroom.It’s a health issue.

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