My hoilday in Thetford forest June 2009

HI all, this happened last year, in June 2009,  I think .
We went on a holiday to Thetford forest in mum’s camper van, I qualified for a mobility allowance when I became 18, and as we couldn’t get any thing suitable for me mum saved up my allowance and when she had enough bought an old campervan off a good friend.
We know it’s a good one because he had it a long time and took care of it, mum only paid £800 for it but as I’m quite disabled and doubly incontinent we need it so mum has hot water to wash me can draw curtains to change me and I can lay and feed my self as I on a feeding pump.
I was only on the pump at night then, not like now, I feed during the day as well now.
Well we set off, all 4 of us, my two sis’s mum and me on our first real trip out in the van, we were soon at the forest as it’s not to far from where we live.
Mum had been trying to potty train me for several weeks so there wouldn’t be any washing while we were away but it wasn’t to be.
I was put into pants and shorts as it was nice and hot and sunny, but wet my self several times while we where out, and pooped at least twice, embarrassing mum and my sisters, but not me, I’m used to being seen wearing a nappy and have had it changed at school , in hospital and by other people when I get smelt and out on my own.
Yes I was able to walk a little then and mum would often put me on a busat my village and was  to be met by some one at the other end, this ment that I could have a day out some where nice.
I needed changing at least once during my day out on my own and was changed in lot’s of interesting places by people I didn’t know ,or at least couldn’t remember, but they all would do it and some of them looked like they were enjoying changing a 18, 19 year olds nappy, even the poopy ones.
Any how back to the holiday, my big sis loved taking pic’s of me when I was getting changed or like now,when i had wet my shorts, she would post them thinking I was embarrassing  me, she has now downloaded them on here so I have put them in my pic album under ‘ Holiday in Thetford forest ‘ for you to see
Back to the holiday, I was now wetting my self all the time again and the potty training had compleatly been forgotten about and mum couldn’t get my things dry in time before I was wet again and she gave up but she had only braught with us night time nappies, no day nappies.
She used any spare ones she had on me during the day but knew I wouldn’t go through the night, as I never have now for over 8 years, so had to keep enough to keep the bed dry until we got home again.
To keep my shorts from getting wet, as dry ones were in short suply, she let me stay on the camp site with out any shorts on so I was just in my nappy and top as she didn’t wan’t me to get sun burnt.
Big sis was alway on hand to take yet more pic’s of me but the camp site was very secluded and we had a little pitch all to our selfs in a little clearing in the trees.
I think big sis want’s to be a reporter when she leaves school.
I soon got through all the spare nappies and all my pants so mum searched the van for any thing she could use on me, she even found some old training pants / nappy she was using to try to potty train me a few weeks ago.
I was wet at the camp siteone morning while sitting on the grass out side the van, no one was around and the sum was very hot so all my wet things were hung up to dry and I sat there with just the training nappy on as mum had nothing else dry to put on me.
Sis took pic’s as usual.
One day we were going out for a long walk and mum had nothing dry left again as I was now constantly wetting myself so mum sorted out an old towel and found some pins and made up a nappy from that and put the last pair of dry shorts on me she had just been able to get dry but she had no plastic pants so that’s was how I went out that day.
We went the first bit in the van then i was puy in my wheel chair and the girls were each given a bag to carry and we set off on our long walk, mum said it would take at least 4 hours to compleat.
It was a place were there was a garden like thing and a river with a big lake and mum and big sis took turne to push me in my wheel chair.
I could walk a bit but I would have never been able to go that far and at the speed they wanted so we could have a picnic around the lake at the far end of the walk.
It was very nice to see all the special trees and plants and the river was good,  finally we got to the lake, I walked around a bit to stretch my legs and get them working as best as I could and as we had not seen any body for an hour mum took my shorts off as they were still dry and let me go about in just a nappy and top.
Big sis was taking lot’s of pic’s of the lake and views on her new camera she got for her birthday and I was playing with little sis, big sis took pic’s of me in my terry nappy.
Later big sis went for a walk around the lake and some people came along so mum had to put my shorts back on over the terry nappy so they wouldn’t see it.
Big sis came back and mum started to get the picnic ready, little sis and I sat on a wooden seat over looking the lake but big sis wanted to take pic’s of my nappy showing under my shorts so I turned around and opened my legs to show her that I didn’t care about her taking pic’s.
Now that I have seen the pic’s she took I can see that the nappy did show bad around my legs, she was alway taking lot’s of pic’s to show her frends then she sudenly screamed and said I was pooping in it.
I knew I wasn’t and thought she was trying to upset me but little sis looked and said the same so I looked to, and I was.
I sat there and did a lot and it all leaked out as I could see, it was very bad at the top of my legs where the nappy finished, my home made nappy wasn’t very good.
I really couldn’t help it or even knew I needed a poo and I think I wet my self as well, if it wasn’t then it was soon after and it looked bad on the front of my only dry shorts, sis took more pic’s to show her friends back home.
Mum was still getting the food ready, I couldn’t eat but would normally sit with them for the meals but not this time, mum told me I had to stay on my own on that seat all poopy until they had finished there picnic.
Mum was mad at me but told me I would have to stay in this dirty state until we got back to the van and that would take at least an an hour
By the time they had finished their picnic the other people had gone and as mum didn’t want me to get the shorts covered with poop she took then off me again and put then over a bush to get then dry for the trip back home.
I was now back in just a wet, poopy nappy and a top and we played again on the grass.
Mum laid back and enjoyed the sun and we must have been there for another good hour, some people walked past and sat on the seat where I did a poo, I was walking about in my nappy, they must have looked at me but mum had her eyes closed still enjoying the sun and I didn’t care, I think big sis told them I was mentally disabled and explained why I was in just a nappy.
Mum did finally get up and apologised to them and put my shorts on again until they left, then they came off again before we set off for the van as I went back in my wheel chair and mum didn’t want them to get poo on them.
We stopped several times on the way back to look at the views and for sis to take pic’s again, I was feeling uncomfortable in this dirty wet nappy and was getting very sore at the top of my legs.
I did get out to stretch my legs again and sis was always there to take her pic’s of the views and of course , me.
By the time we got back I was real sore and I soon got my bottom washed and changed, thankfully mum had hung out some of my wet shorts and pants on the side of the van and they had dried at the car park during the day so she did at least have something dry to put me in.

They did smell a bit as she hadn’t had time to wash them out and they were wet from my wee and had just dried out.
The home made nappy was thrown away and my shorts put into a bag and sealed ready for mum to wash them later when she had time and we went drove back to our camp site.
We were out for about 4 days in that forest I think, and that was the last holiday I had.
I will post the pic’s so you can see what I have been talking about, some were taken before I wet them or pooped my self, sis took pic’s of me all the time.
Hope you enjoy the pic’s and my story.
Bye, Dean.

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