My girlfriend

As soon as I pulled her pants down I got a whiff of pussy, it was incredibly strong, a mixture of piss and sweat.
My dick grew hard in my jeans, I said “turn around” I bent down to sniff her ass and the sudden urge to pee hit me.
The smell of her ass was overpowering, sweaty and stinky but not in a poopy way, I could hardly hold my bladder anymore but I did not want to miss a moment of this stinky woman standing in front of me.
I had no other option other than to piss my own jeans, I relaxed and felt the warmth flow down my legs, She suddenly looked at me. “you peed your pants!” she said in shock as she pulled up her pants quickly.
“I’m sorry” I said, she just looked at me until I noticed a dark stain forming in her pants, she was pissing! I put my face in the crotch of her pants tasting her salty urine and smelling her pussy, so stinky I
could smell it through her pants. as she continued to pee, My stomach started to rumble, i needed to poop.
as i sniffed her trough the wet panties i slid my hand down the back of her jeans to feel her dirty butt.
Her anus was moist and when i brought my fingers to my face i could smell her stink, the pressure in my bowels was getting stronger so i relaxed, a rush of shit filled my jeans.

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  1. I love the smell of dirty stinky pussy so much, and so does my girl, she also loves the smell of my dirty ass and balls so often we go long periods without taking showers, god im hard just thinking about her stinky pussy and asshole

  2. Ooohh yeahh… very hot story ! I also love to dee[ply sniff and lick my GF’s moist, smelly cunt, dirty pussy and unwashed asshole, either naked or, even better, through her dirty, pussy-juice sticky, panties, leggings or ultra-skintight jeans… Her incredibly arousing “naughty dirty girl” cunt and and ass smell is enough to get met rock-hard and, most of the time, I jerk-off while sniffing her ass… and while pooping my tight jeans as well !

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