My fun during pants pooping

I love to poop while swimming or wadeing in my swim trunks. I have tight fitting swim trunks made of black nylon that fits around my legs very tight as to retain most all the poop. I have stayed in the water for up to 6 hours and have retained most of the poop in my trunks. I’ve swam near other people and they never new I had a pants load of poop. I too sit on the bottom of the river or lake and enjoy the squishing. I float sometimes on top of the water while I poop moving my legs in & out. I really like that feeling. I end the affair by jacking off and cumming in my trunks. Then, I get away from everyone and “pinch” the poop out of my trunks and it dissolves into the water until nothing or very little is left. Then I pull down my trunks and give them a few up and down motions in the water to be sure they are clean. I also check that no poop is hanging between my legs or balls. I usually stay in the water about a half hour after this process which cleans out my trunks very well with no after smell. I have had them on for many hours afterwards with no hint of my activity.
I have pooped these same trunks in the bed while masturbating and have not had a problem of any leaking, although I did not sit in it. Just for saftey, I put a towel down where my trunks are going to see poop and that does prevent anything going onto the bed. Clean-up was a little harder in the shower but still did ok. A few times, I grabbed a heavy peice of clear plastic tablecloth and put it on the car seat than went out to the lake to get cleaned up. Sitting in it fills all voids in my trunks and makes them fill out! Don’t have the poop going all over the vehicle and the only escape is a little bit on the plastic. I’ve only done this about 3 or 4 times and opt not to use the vehicle if I don’t need to.
I found an uninhabited very small island away from everybody and decided to camp out there. I did lots of fishing and crab catching and cooked them on a small portable grill. As darkness moved in, I had to poop so my trunks got filled to the max ( they were bulged more than I ever remember) and I decided to leave the poop in all night long. I sat in it, slept all positions, and even walked around a bit, as poop oozed out everywhere. I masturbated two times, and peed my trunks about
7 to 10 times during the night. I may have been a little drunk! The more beer I drank the more I pissed. The next morning I was a mess with poop everywhere and pee on my trunks -both were cold. I went out onto the lowest part of the water and sat down to try to clean up. The sun was nice and warm and the water was feeling good. I walked around a while in the water with the remaining poop in my trunks then after about an hour I cleaned myself and my trunks out before heading home. After I got everything cleaned up, I got another poop attack so it started all over again. This was a weekend full of fun, beer, poop, pee, and cum – I will never forget and want to do this again soon. Loved it!!!

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