my friends house

I was at my friends house when i was 16 for a sleep over. WE hung out and played xbox until we were really tired. WE both got into his queen sized bed to go to sleep. we didnt know that the other was gay. dan seemed a little uneasy as he was going to sleep. he got up to pee 3 times. at about 3 oclock we went to bed. 

At about 11 oclock i woke up and felt that the bed was wet. I thought oh shit i pissed myself. (at that point noone knew i like pissing myself.) i looked closer and relized that it was dan that pissed himself so i went back to sleep. About an hour later we both woke up and he said oh shit. HE said he was so sorry and i said it was fine and he started to tear up. i reasured him that it was fine. He then told me that he normally wwore diapers to sleep. I said that it was totally fine.
about a week later i went for a sleep over again without his parents home. he asked if it would be fine if he wore hi diapers.I said suure. when it was time to go to bed he asked if i could help him get it on. I said sure. He got out a diaper and took off his underwear. he said lift my legs and slide it under my ass. I id that and then he dsaid he could do the rest. I noticed he was getting an erection. He said “i can do the rest thanks. I asked are you ga and he said you promise you wont tell anyone and i said ya cause im gay to. He said you wanna do the rest?. I put baby powder all over him and then i taped him shut. we stayed up for another hour and then he said he pissed himself. I said do you want to be changed and he said ya.i opened his diaper and i noticed he cummed in it. i unzipped my pants and asked if i could stick it in his ass. he said please i would love it. i stuck it in his ass and he started to moan i cummed in his ass and then he said just retape this diaper. i did what he said and we went to bed we woke up in the morning and i relized i wet the bed he said next time i would need a diaper. now thats another story.

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